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UPDATE:  Here’s the weekend edition of this blog.

8:00  Don’t miss new piece from our pal Raffi Khatchadourian at The New Yorker (who had told he might be doing this).  It talks about the attempts to prosecute Assange by trying to prove he had direct contact with Manning or perhaps even helped direct him in his leaking.  Khatchadourian has some very important things against prosecuting Assange even IF that happened, but me is his point about his involvement via a mention in the infamous chat logs.  Manning tells Lamo that a 10,000 word profile of Assange is about to be published by The New Yorker (written by Raffi) — and there would be no way he would know that unless someone associated with WikiLeaks told him.  Khatchadourian wonders if this will get him legally entangled in the case now.  But read the whole piece.

7:00 We’ve been keeping an eye on the upcoming PBS Frontline show on Manning and Assange –coming next Tuesday — and now they’ve posted an exclusive video (which they’d mentioned) of a very slight Manning at a Boston hackers party  early last year, during his final leave from Iraq and just before he allegedly did his fateful leaking to WikiLeaks.  Excerpt from program below.  See the Wired write-up here.  I’ll be previewing the show on Monday. 

Watch the full episode. See more FRONTLINE.

10:50  And here’s The Atlantic take on the Pakistan cables.  And a lengthy piece from Reuters.

9:10  Good summary and commentary at Foreign Policy site on the important new Pakistan Papers release today.

8:10 Individual stories in the big Pakistan cable dump (see below) now getting attention, such as fears that the Taliban would pay more for soldier recruits than the gov’t, and here – Kayani wanting MORE drone strikes (claim now denied).  And here — Pakistan approving  U.S. troops in its country.  "In a comment written to Washington, former US Ambassador to Pakistan Anne Patterson stated that these deployments are ‘highly politically sensitive’ because of widely-held concerns among the public about Pakistani sovereignty and opposition to allowing foreign military forces to operate in any fashion on Pakistani soil."

7:55 A note from UK Friends of Bradley Manning:  "A public meeting at the House of Commons on the subject of Bradley Manning has just been announced for Tuesday 24th May at 6pm – the day before Barack Obama is set to address both Houses of Parliament.  All are welcome to attend and I’m hoping that the event will be filmed for future viewing online." 

7:50  Part II of my series on the Unmaking of Bradley Manning, marking first anniversary of the alleged online chats that led to his arrest.

12:00  Big news, at long last Wikileaks releases The Pakistan Papers, cables relating to hot-button area, via news outlet there, Dawn Media, and through The Hindu (a partner for awhile) in India.  And how it happened.

More big news:  AFP reports, "Then Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered the sabotage of Iran’s nuclear program in 2006, according to WikiLeaks documents published by Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot on Thursday. The leaked documents, which were not immediately available on either the Yediot or Wikileaks websites, purportedly detail talks between the head of Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission and then-US ambassador to Israel Richard Jones."

 From late Thursday

@WLLegal:  In 30 min interview, fmr NYT counsel James Goodale says prosecuting #WikiLeaks is untenable in light of Pentagon Papers 

Three designs posted for proposed Bradley Manning billboard in D.C. area as fundraising continues.

 Marcy Wheeler at Fire Dog Lake with interesting comment on AP story about cable that shows U.S. – Saudi plans for faciltiies to protect oil fields and civilian nuclear power sites.   She finds it intriguing that cable is dated one week before Obama won election, when it was obvious he would win.

 Now our linking is surely complete as we are able to bring you, via WL Central, Henry Rollins on WikiLeaks

Greenpeace blog on WikiLeaks cables on rush to get resources and oil from the Arctic and possibly "stupid tipping point."

My new piece, first in a series marking first anniversary of the Bradley Manning case and arrest.  Today:  when leaks first appeared and how the Army private came to (allegedly) chat with Adrian Lamo.