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UPDATED:  The weekend edition of this blog here.

5:25  Update: Jay Carney, WH press secretary, now claims SF Chronicle reporter NOTR being punished for shooting video of last week’s Bradley Manning protest at fundraiser.

3:55 Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills & Nash has written a brand new song about Bradley Manning, titled "Almost Gone," and may play it on current tour with Crosby.  He says it fits into classic "protest" mold.

3:25  New low prices for my book The Age of WikiLeaks in print or as an e-book, or brand-new Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences as e-book here and print here.

2:45 Federal prosecutors drop misdemeanor traffic charges against Manning friend David House — stemming from one of his visits back in January.  FDL’s Jane Hamsher was with him that day.  Judge in case same as "Twitter 3" case, oddly.

11:55  Just announced: Army reveals it has found Manning "competent to stand trial," following evaluations at new home Leavenworth.  He would be shipped back to D.C. area for hearings and trial.  NBC’s brief item here.

9:40  "30 Rock," in humanizing Condi Rice last night, managed to show her playing piano without leaving trace of blood on the keys.

7:40  Glenn Greenwald on Democracy Now! today at 8:30 ET, can catch later online if need be.

7:35 Longtime McClatchy reporter and Gitmo expert Carol Rosenberg discusses this week release.

7:30  @WikiLeaks notes that cable release has now reached 10,000.  Only 240,000 to go!

7:20 Human Rights First:  "WikiLeaks disclosure shows the need to close Guantánamo and end questionable practices" 

6:20  Good piece by former SF Chronicle editor Phil Bronstein (one of my old sources when I was at E&P) on Obama administration punishing veteran Chron reporter for going multimedia in shooting video of the Bradley Manning protest last week.   Points out Obama then had the nerve to hang out with Mark Zuckerberg.  "By banning her, and by not acknowledging how contemporary media works, the White House did not just put Carla in a cage but more like one of those stifling pens reserved for calves on their way to being veal."

12:10 Wash Post with analysis of what prosecutor’s moves this week with subpoena and letter portend for cases against WikiLeaks and Assange.  The are "exploring potential criminal conspiracy charges under statutes that outlaw the theft of government property and unauthorized access to a computer as well as charges under the Espionage Act. …The letter makes clear that an array of charges are being considered, in part, experts said, to avoid First Amendment challenges that would arise with a prosecution of WikiLeaks under the Espionage Act. That 1917 law makes it a crime to “communicate or transmit” sensitive information to an unauthorized party, and using it would probably set up a battle over an individual’s right to speak freely."

12:05  Variety reports that Charles Ferguson, who directed great Academy Award-winning "Inside Job" doc, will "helm" the ballyhooed HBO film on Julian Assange.

12:00 Longtime Gitmo files expert Andy Worthington on the "hidden horrors" of what WikiLeaks has released this week.  And here my colleague Kevin Gosztola interviews  Worthington.

From late Thursday

 Great news, film we’ve highlighted here for several weeks,  inspired by release of Collateral Murder by WikiLeaks — and focusing on U.S. soldier Ethan McCord who rescued two children and has denounced war —  just won best documentary short at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.  Jurors said of Incident in New Baghdad directed by James Spione: : “The winner is a film that bravely explores the residual effects of experiencing trauma in war in a truthful and fearless manner. Using a mixture of archival and current material, this timely film is the story of one man’s struggle to reconcile war, his place in it, and the legacy he will pass on to his children.”   An excerpt below:

 The New Yorker’s Amy Davidson connects Obama releasing birth certificate — and banning some people from clicking on Gitmo files links.

And now, added to reports (below),  a local public radio station describes the Manning Media Tour at Leavenworth today — first time the prison had done it for any prisoner.  Did not get to see him or his cell but were given photos….

 Now AP is out with its story on today’s Manning Media Tour (see other items below). 

 National Catholic Reporter writer out with first piece I’ve seen on what was viewed on the "Manning media tour" at Leavenworth today, as military tries to put best face forward.   Oddly, they say Manning will be medium custody prisoner starting "tomorrow morning," even though he has been there for over a week now.  He  is now "allowed three hours of recreation a day, the U.S. Army announced this afternoon.  The announcement came at the end of a morning press tour of the facility here where Manning is being held. NCR was part of the tour, which included about a dozen representatives from local, national, and international press organizations."

Controversy over Telegraph publishing name of teen who was raped before ending up at Gitmo–they say full knowledge of Gitmo needed.  Paper published all 759 files today, allegedly without redacting.

  My new piece for 8th anniversary: How media heavies gushed over Bush on "Mission Accomplished" day.  Of course, the WikiLeaks "war logs" release eventually painted a quite different picture, including massive civilian casualties and U.S. standing by while Iraqis tortured Iraqis.