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UPDATE:  Weekend edition of this blog here.

9:25  Summary, video of WikiLeaks and Anxiety  panel at NYU Law School, Jay Rosen, others.  

8:45  EFF and the former WikiLeaks supporters appeal that judge’s ruling forcing Twitter to give up info on them. 
"The litigation over the Twitter data is the first public skirmish in the government’s criminal investigation of WikiLeaks’s leader, Julian Assange, and others who may have helped leak diplomatic cables and classified military documents through the WikiLeaks website." 

3:55 This might be slowest weekday yet — for WikiLeaks, in any case — so off to a movie, see you tonight.  Jeremy Scahill on Bill Maher’s HBO show, I am told.  On the other hand: David Brooks.  In other news, Bob Herbert leaving the NYT.  

1:05 Epic Foreign Policy compilation of "casualties" and near-casualties — losers — since Cablegate began.  Not all what you’d think, they point out.  For example, "the one who signed off on a series of withering Silvio Berlusconi portraits in the U.S. Embassy in Rome doesn’t appear to have gone anywhere." 

11:50  Just catching up to this cable that got noticed yesterday, our reaction to Saudi poem mocking Bush in 2006. 

 First excerpt from my new Bradley Manning book: Bradley’s boyhood and the Manning–Karen Silkwood connection.  Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences just published as e-book here and print here.

10:55  New film based on incident in WikiLeaks’ "Collateral Murder" video from Iraq, showing at Tribeca Film Fest in April.  Features Ethan McCord, who carried two of the injured kids away for medical treatment.  Director’s statement here.  Film clip here.    My aricle about McCord earlier this month.  (h/t Kevin Gosztola)

10:25  Blogger at The Atlantic on how cables have shown our diplomats actually pretty credible and accurate on Middle East and oligarchs — "not least to the populations of the Middle East."  

9:05  Second excerpt from my new Bradley Manning finds him shipped to Iraq after falling in with the "hacker culture" around Boston.  What did he see in Baghdad? 

8:35 New cable shows U.S. very unhappy with ElBaradei in his final months of head of IAEA because he supported developing countries and other "problems."

7:55  Major BBC piece on Manning, text and video, on punishment before trial, varying views. And London Review of Books blog looksat "All-American Torture." 

7:50  We covered but now more on that WikiLeaks billboard in L.A. plus more photos at Huff Post.

7:45  Crisis in India continues with new cable raising ire. 

12:05  Interesting report in a leading paper in India on newly-revealed cable from WikiLeaks on how U.S. lobbied India to oppose back UN resolution on Goldstone report critical of Israel’s attack on Gaza in 2008.  We were upset when they did not go along with our wishes, natch. 

From late Thursday

Glenn Greenwald says urgent leak probe needed — after leak to AP on Libya.  Prosecution to come, surely.

My colleague at The Nation, Kevin Gosztola, at WL Central on what the cables show about worries that Gaddafi has chemical weapons, and not just "mustard gas."  Interesting if unconclusive.  A la Colin Powell, the Italian newspaper La Repubblica quoted former Libyan Justice Minister Abdel Jalil Musatafà, who said, ‘Gaddafi still has large stocks of chemical weapons. Surely the nerve gas, anthrax,’ and perhaps even a weaponized form of smallpox.”

Brian Sonenstein at FireDogLake with extensive collection of notes and videos from various Bradley Manning protests this past weekend.

 That first-public-debate for Assange debate in London that we wrote about yesterday apparently sold out in one hour…

Amnesty International today reiterates its call for easing of harsh treatment of Manning. "U.S. authorities must put an end to the harsh pre-trial detention conditions of Bradley Manning, the soldier accused of leaking information to Wikileaks, Amnesty International said today. In letters to U.S. President Barack Obama and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Amnesty International called for measures to ensure that the Army private is no longer held in 23-hour solitary confinement and subjected to other unreasonable restrictions." My new book on  Manning, first one about him, just now available in print edition! Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences also on sale as e-book at Amazon in USA and also in UK