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7:35  Haaretz with another "Israel Files" Wikileaks exclusive: "We’re doomed if Hamas takes power."  And a columnist there:   "A reading of the so-called Israel file found among the WikiLeaks documents reveals the stuff of which Israel’s ‘leadership’ is made. To sum it up, an Israeli leader apparently carries two basic genes: one of aggression and one of charlatanism." And guess who is the "king of charlatans"? 

7:25 @WikiLeaks tweets:  "15 day backlog cleared: hundreds of new cables released: ."

7:20  Another, perhaps more complete, video of Assange defending whistleblowing at hot debate last night.

3:20   I noted the "Open Letter" a few days ago — academics protesting treatment of Bradley Manning — but Ed Pilkington on it today at The Guardian.  Robert Reich a new signee, joining Laurence Tribe, 250 others.

12:00 New Statesman just posted Part II of its report on debate it sponsored in London last night with Assange and critics on whistleblowing.  (See part I below.)  Wild affair, with charges back and forth and audience participation.  "If anyone had feared that interest levels would drop after Julian Assange finished his speech, they were about to be proved wrong. The debate got more heated as the evening progressed."

11:00 TIME magazine’s "100 Most Influential" poll (largely a popularity contest) still finds Assange in #9 slot but big surprise is Bradley Manning jumping up to #29.

10:45  New Statesman posts first half of its report, photos, video on last night’s big debate in London featuring Assange.  "In a catchy turn of phrase, he spoke of the ‘original sin of censorship’. Could a leaker have prevented the Vietnam war? If David Kelly had not just spoken to Andrew Gilligan, but more widely, could the ‘dodgy dossier’ have been exposed in time to prevent the Iraq war? He then argued that whistleblowers prevented an attack on Iran in 2007." 

10:35  Excellent summary of our WikiLeaks panel at Media Reform conf, with Greenwald, Amy Goodman, Sifry, Emily Bell, yours truly, plus video of Glenn G.    By the way, hundreds there, standing room only, good to see interest and reaction.

8:40  My new book, Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences, just published as e-book here and print here. E-book also means phones, iPad, PC reading, etc.  My book The Age of WikiLeaks: From Collateral Murder to Cablegate (and Beyond) also out in print and e-book. Books are only $9.95 print and $3.99 electronic.


10:30 Big piece out of Israel tonight, via Haaretz which is (finally) publishing cables re Israel. Now: cables from 2005 showed that, contrary to wide belief, Israelis were ruling out attack on Iranian nukes. “Levite said that most Israeli officials do not believe a military solution is possible,” the telegram ran.

9:40 Now they’ve posted three short videos of Assange addressing panelists at big Berkeley forum (see below) on WikiLeaks (with Bill Keller still criticiziing him). Larry Wright of The New Yorker asks from the audience, “What’s in the fourth packet?” A. “We don’t talk about our forthcoming publications.”

8:40 Haaretz on its publication of cables yesterday as “Israel Files” released—they exposed “doublespeak.” Much more to come.

8:20 Some fireworks at annual symposium on investigative reporting in Berkeley (Lowell Bergman a honcho), since one panel featured NYT exec editor Bill Keller and they had Assange coming in via Skype. Keller defended his attacks on Assange by, hopelessly, stating that he was just going on what his sources (that his, his staffers) told him. At some point today he attacked Assange for claiming that US press not much interested in abroad. Assange hit the Times for claiming they did not have a “collaboration” (perhaps to avoid legal trouble). Keller denies it and then downplays the extent of the Times sharing cables with the government before publishing (he did much more than discuss what was in them, as they says here). Someone asks Keller why he called Assange smelly—“is that any way to treat a source?” And so on

6:15 Esther Addley of the Guardian out with first report on Julian Assange taking part in first debate for first time in months today, in London. New Statesman, a sponsor, with “live [blog] replay” here. Assange says WikiLeaks more accountable than governments, but his opponent charges that he is unelected so where does he get off? The Guardian story is weak, however, with few notable quotes (he only spoke forseven minutes) and too much on Assange claims of suing the Guardian, criticism of him for that, and seeking comment from his lawyer and spokesman on the same subject.  Assange himself had to leave early due to conditions of his bail release.

6:10 At Media Reform conference today I saw the hot upcoming doc, which debuted at Sundance, Page One, on NYT battling the revenue hits and digital threat. Stars the always-welcome David Carr (left), with Brian Stelter, Tim Arango and several comments from our own Katrina. Got a good reception. Features a good deal on WikiLeaks—inside the newsroom as they decided how to cover WikiLeaks, first with the “Collateral Murder” video as it broke and then the Afghanistan war logs. Some revealing attitudes.

5:55 Howdy folks, just back home after drive from Boston and two full days the National Conference for Media Reform. They’ve posted the video of our WikiLeaks panel yesterday (played in an SRO crowd in large hall) with Glenn Greenwald, Emily Bell, Amy Goodman, Micah Sifry and yours truly—it starts at out 7:00 mark. Good wrapup by our colleague Kevin Gosztola. The Nation will have its own version by Monday, along with interviews with me and others. I also did a book(s) signing, and “The Age of WikiLeaks” sold out and I had to hand over some personal copies. Bradley Manning may be sold out by now. Thanks to all who bought or just visited!

5:50 My new book, Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences, just published as e-book here and print here. Remember, e-book also means phones, iPad, PC reading, etc. My book The Age of WikiLeaks: From Collateral Murder to Cablegate (and Beyond) also out in print and e-book. Books are only $9.95 print and $3.99 electronic.