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9:10  John Pilger, one of Assange’s biggest backers, has now gotten released — for worldwide online viewing — that film banned by the Lannan Foundation in Santa Fe (of all places) last month, and remember, Pilger’s appearance there also cancelled.   Here’s Pilger explaining it all re: "The War You Don’t See."

8:00 Wash Post: MasterCard claims its outage today NOT caused by hacktivists.  Blames fault internal server.  Time will tell.

1:45 CNN names Jessica Yellin cheif WH correspondent. @WLLegal recalls classic @ggreenwald takedown of Yellin: over her questions re: WikiLeaks and Assange.

1:40 Aspen Ideas Fest with panel, covered live, on freedom of the press in the Wikileaks age. James Fallows, Lawrence Lessig, Jeffrey Rosen and Jonathan Zittrain.

12:50 In new advertisement, WikiLeaks spoofs Mastercard—it’s been six months since the fund cutoff—and claims that banks and financial firms have denied it $15 million in donations, so far. Hackers not linked to WikiLeaks took out the MasterCard site this morning.

What Does it Cost to Change the World? from WikiLeaks on Vimeo.

12:45 A new Anonymous-sponsored site “LocalLeaks,” closely modeled, they say, on WikiLeaks, aims to provide a safe, secure way for local government and corporate employees to leak sensitive information.

10:30 New cables released by WikiLeaks show that officials from the United Arab Emirates asked the United States for armed Predator drones to help protect its lengthy maritime and land borders. The US eventually declined to provide the drones.

10:25 Latest from BrazilLeaks: US diplomat called Brazil’s Federal District Legislative Assembly a “house of scoundrels” in 2004 cable.

10:20 As he prepares to leave office, the Financial Times examines Robert Gates “mixed relationship” with European allies. Cables obtained from WikiLeaks show particular tension between the US and Netherlands over Gates criticism of allied troops fighting in Afghanistan.

10:00 The MediaShift Idea Lab on how technology fuels a certain sort of “activism,” including WikiLeaks and hack attacks. Meanwhile, Master Card site still down?

7:30 I’ve noted three resolutions put forward at American Library Assn. backing Bradley Manning in some form. None of them passed.

7:00 @WikiLeaks “The unlawful banking blockade against WikiLeaks in 6th month: The culprits: VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Bank of America, Western Union.” Hacktavists claim they have taken down MasterCard site again, and indeed it is down for me right now.


12:05 The Atlantic adds to earlier reports on journos who are making a lot of dough, and could make much, more of WikiLeaks (BTW, I am not one of them, by a long shot).

12:00 A major Council on Foreign Policy take on our pal Andrew Marshall giant probe on Thailand, based on cables and more. Goodbye monarchy?

From late Monday

@WLLegal points out: “In case you were wondering: AP stylebook declares to those who refuse to capitalize the “L,” it’s “WikiLeaks””

Unusual take on the new Thai cables, looking beyond alleged “gossip” to US continuing to back dictator’s military.

People always suggest that I “donate profits” from my recent books to WikiLeaks or to Manning. When I make a profit I will let you know! Doesn’t help when I offer e-books for 99 cents:

WikiLeaks has yet another new media partner for the cables, this time in Brazil.

Protests planned for Assange court appearances starting July 12. See fun photo takeoff on classic Dylan / Allen Ginsberg segment in the film Don’t Look Back. Could be singing, “Julian’s in the basement / mixing up the medicine / I’m on the pavement / Thinking ‘bout the government…. Look out kid, you’re gonna get hit….”

@WikiLeaks reviews new play about Assange in Sydney, which opens with him in bed with woman: New play about Assange is the worst kind of pedestrian garbage. Everyone else: create alternatives