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12:20  My new piece: One year ago first questions raised about Manning-Lamo "chat logs,"  starring Glenn Greenwald.

9:40  Bidding up to about $4800 for lunch with Assange in eBay auction.   Three days to go.  A lot of lettuce for leeks?

9:35  Latest from Dawn Media, which has been covering cables for that area for weeks:  Indian torture in Kashmir, claim that U.S. and even Red Cross knew about it.

8:35   Constant monitoring of Assange not really necessary?  Roy Greenslade at The Guardian. " Whether or not you like him, whether or not you agree with him, whether or not you support WikiLeaks, whether or not you believe the allegations made against him, the conditions under which he is being forced to live are disproportionately harsh."

8:30  U.S. officially responds  vs. public access to WikiLeaks docs.

8:20  For full background on Manning and Assange and more: my book The Age of WikiLeaks in print or as an e-book, or Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences as e-book here and print here, both hailed by Glenn Greenwald, Dan Ellsberg, Bill Moyers, Amy Goodman.

12:05  Dylan Ratigan talks to David House  about his grand jury non-speaking appearance.

From late Thursday

Bank of America still doesn’t know what WikiLeaks has on them as months pass and Reuters wonders.

A bunch of new cyber-warfare counter-reactions today, courtesy of my new Nation assistant Kevin Donohue: Obama and The Pentagon, Germany, European Union, China (to “counter our Pentagon push”).

Latest from Japan cable leaks, this time on Japan’s “tepid” response to US call for a test alert on possible Korean crisis.

 Two-parter from @WLLegal: “In court filing, govt says they won’t let Gitmo lawyers save or print #WikiLeaks docs bc they can’t prove docs genuine” And: “Full response from gov to Gitmo lawyer’s request for access to the WL docs that everyone else can read .”

Mark Stephens no longer represents Assange in Swedish case—replaced by Gareth Peirce, once played by Emma Thompson in a terrific film (left), with Daniel Day-Lewis, In the Name of the Father… Also, WikiLeaks has issued statement saying it neither endorses not rejects hacking actiivties by Lulz on its behalf but pointing ou tagain they are not connected in any way.

AP covers Assange six-months-under-house-arrest story today, complete with his complaint that it is seriously hampering the work of WikiLeaks—and he displays the electronic device on his ankle. A little more bulky than one might have thought from .photos.

New NewHIve song for Bradley Manning, “Political Prisoner.”