Via Hotline, this tidbit from Karl Rove about why McCain chose New Orleans for his speech last night:

“Okay, Chris, tonight is Barack Obama’s night.” — Obama supporter/Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), asked by MSNBC’s Matthews if Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) will start his book tour in the men’s room at the Minneapolis airport (MSNBC).

“The polls close in South Dakota [at 9pm ET], with Michigan closing an hour later” — CNN’s Blitzer, mistaking MI for MT.

And check out this exchange between FNC’s Wallace and Karl Rove over John McCain’s choice of New Orleans to deliver his first general-election speech:

Rove: “I think I would have picked a blue state … a state that’s up for grabs.”

Wallace: “So the fact, and clearly the symbolism here was that I’m going to a state that was a, quote, Bush failure, with Katrina, and I’m going to show that I’m breaking with the administration.”

Rove: “Well, no, actually I think they went there because he had a long, planned series of fundraising events in Memphis, and in Louisiana.”

Wallace: [laughter] “Oh really? Oh, so that was the great strategy here?” (FNC).