After Jessica Valenti reported that TED Talks had featured no talks on abortion, and that they believed it did not fit into “wider issues of justice, inequality and human rights,” TED staff responded by saying that the quote was taken out of context and that they “welcome talks and conversations on abortion as a social justice issue.”

Valenti has pointed out that she was quoting directly from a TED staffer and posted a screen grab of their email exchange. Even more importantly, it is undisputed fact that TED has never hosted a talk on abortion and that it has yet to commit to doing so.


There are countless brilliant writers and activists TED could invite to speak about abortion. Use their online form to suggest your favorite reproductive justice speakers. You can also join a robust online discussion using the hashtag #AbortionTEDTalks


The issue of self-described feminist institutions avoiding “controversial” issues goes beyond TEDWomen and TED Talks. Jessica Valenti reports on the rise of feminist “empowerment elites” and what their popularity means for feminist movements.


Along with The Nation, NARAL Pro-Choice America was at the forefront of holding TED accountable. Watch its President Ilyse Hogue debate Live Action’s Lisa Rose on CNN’s Crossfire.