Who killed the UN workers in Mazar-i Sharif?

An Afghan mob, incited by the Koran-burning Bible-thumper in Florida, yes. But who were they? A New York Times story this week inadvertently reveals that the mob was made up of Taliban, or Taliban supporters, or militants, or angry citizens, or, well, just about anyone. Which says a lot about the “enemy” in Afghanistan: it’s no one, and everyone.

In its story, the Times reports that US officials blame “current or former Taliban members or other insurgents of leading the violence, aided by sympathizers and hard-line mullahs who whipped up a crowd of thousands.” I like that phrasing: “current or former Taliban or other insurgents” plus “sympathizers and hard-line mullahs.” That about covers it!

Later, the Times adds “criminal elements” to the mix, too:

“Taliban or other insurgent or criminal elements in this northern city—usually one of the most peaceful and secure in the country—were able to leverage the high emotions of the crowd, police officials said.”

Whom, exactly, are we fighting again?

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