(Another Headline in the Future of John Bolton as American Ambassador to the United Nations)

Twelve delegates were there but couldn’t swear
Just why John Bolton chose to throw the chair,
Or why his face turned orange, then turned red,
Then turned a sort of Dubonnet instead.
They couldn’t guess just why it might have been
That spittle came to cascade down his chin.
They couldn’t say precisely what he shouted.
Interpreters who testified all doubted
The words were from a language that they knew–
Although they’d all decided to skidoo,
And so they couldn’t say they’d been around
When guards pinned Bolton, screaming, to the ground.
So even now it’s not been ascertained
Why Bolton flipped and had to be restrained.
The White House had no comment on the trigger,
But said John Bolton pleads our case with vigor.