UPDATE:  Kevin Spacey on "The Last Show" Tuesday night.

With a new season of House of Cards just starting—or for many, already ending—via Netflix, it seemed like a nice moment to air Kevin Spacey’s putdown of the press at last spring’s White House Correspondents Dinner. If you did manage to view the video last year it may have been before you caught up with House of Cards, which was very new at the time, in its first season, so you may appreciate it more now.

Among others, it features the head of the organization, Fox’s horrid Ed Henry, plus Politico’s Mike Allen, Jay Carney, Valerie Jarrett, John McCain, Steny Hoyer, and more. The Politico gang just wants a Kardashian at their table, of course.

By the way, Joel McHale of Community will host this year’s event. For some reason, Stephen Colbert has not been invited back.

Also posted below: Spacey’s appearance on ABC on Sunday, talking about real-life Washington and Obama’s likely wish that he could be almost as ruthless (short of murder, one hopes) as Representative Frank Underwood.