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George Will on "This Week" calls Rand Paul "frivolous."  Says he’s wrong about not legislating morality–with 1964 Civil Rights Act "we did" …..Palin on Fox today–that mean Rachel Maddow was mean to Rand Paul the other night and now Sarah is going to stamp her feet until the media quits it….Also, she still strongly backs offshore drilling.

NYT public editor largely backs probe of Richard Blumenthal and his wobbly accouts of Vietnam service.  But Clark Hoyt does point out flaws, including failure to post that full video… Maureen Dowd also tackles Blumenthal….  Frank Rich on  Rand Paul:  yeah, he’s an extremist with troubling racial views, and the tea partiers are wack, but Dems better get their own troops as fired up as the rightwing populsits….

Incredible NY Post cover on matador who was impaled by bull, and survived!  

Like Ike: James Fallows on Obama’s West Point speech:  Pretty good, but read Ike’s.  Everyone remembers the "military-industrial complex" part but there’s more.

Givhan take:  Wash Post fashionista Robin Givhan complains that Elena Kagan won’t cross your legs like a proper lady.  

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL:   For real: Nevada bans voters wearing chicken costumes to the polls as it would be obvious putdown of chickens-for-cash  Sue Lowden  running for Senate….GOP finally wins a House special election, in Obama’s native (unless you’re a Birther) Hawaii, as two Dems split 60% of vote allowing Repub to win…..Crist now leads in Florida poll….

WE HAVE MET ENEMY AND IT IS US:  Great piece on deregulation and oil leak by NOLA Times-Picayune outdoors writer.  

BITS AND PIECES   Fergie (no, not the Black Eyed Peas singer) caught in Brit newspaper sting offering to sell access for cash…..New book  enters the NYT bestseller list at #8 tomorrow and here’s how they list it:  "—-My Dad Says."…..Fun photo mis-placement from London……and witty Huff Post satire of meeting Obselete Anonymous (print, cassettes, video stores etc.)…..as oil slick nears Key West, Jimmy Buffett changing name of anthem to "Margaleakaville"?

"LOST" IN 60 SECONDS:  Andy Borowitz: Consolation for "Lost" fans: "if u need your weekly fix of confusion, there’s always C-SPAN." ….The feline version, as (some) await the finale.  Frankly, we thought it already aired last Tuesday, starring Arlen Specter. 


 Rand Paul suddenly cancels Sunday "Meet the Press," citing fatigue, which may not please his lunch pail backers, not to mention veterans.   Maybe he thought the invitation said, "Tweet the Press."  But in any case he now says, "Bleep the Press."   Luke Russert of NBC, whose father once hosted the show, tweeted: "Dr. Paul, if you can’t answer tough questions how are you going to be able to make tough decisions as a Senator?Meet the Press ought to replace Rand with….Rep. John Lewis.

Joe Conason on the roots of his "racial resentment" …. On his HBO show last night, Bill Maher on Rand and his dad: "The shit doesn’t fall far from the bat." ….New Newsweek piece naturally sees both sides of Paul, right and wrong…..GOP may be singing new version of old Phil Spector hit, let’s re-name  it  "Duh-Do-Rand-Rand":  Met him on a Tuesday and our hearts stood still, but then when he walked us home…

Obama at West Point today promises to wind down in Iraq–while defending surge in Afghan.  But promises a "new" national security approach based on diplomacy and alliances and repudiates Bush’s go-it-alone and pre-emptive war making….

EXTREMISTS KILL MORE COPS Police identify Ohio man with extremist  "anti-government views" — part of "sovereign citizens" fringe —  after  gunning down two cops in Arkansas with an AK-47. The Southern Poverty Law Center released Internet footage they say is Jerry Kane preaching the sovereign citizen philosophy…..Great editorial here in Memphis Commercial-Appeal on case (links to Aryan Nation and more) and growing danger to cops post by extreme right. 

YES!  AND IT COUNTS   Legendary b-ball announcer Marv Albert interviewed legendary b-ball fan Obama on White House b-ball court, to air May 25…

PETTY STATEMENT Richard Blumenthal, still under attack by NYT for misstating his VIetnam veteran status, was still awarded Dem nomination for senate in CT last night–taking stage to Tom Petty’s "I Won’t Back Down."  Not "Free Falling"?  Meanwhile, NYT ed Bill Keller defends coverage here.

SOME SPAM FROM  ROUBINI "Dr. Doom" Roubini on Maher’s show:  Banks are now "bigger to fail." He also advised: Forget gold, Spam a better investment, lasts 1000 years in the can.

VIAGRA BLUES  Study finds Viagra can lead to hearing loss.  Well, most men act like they never hear "no" anyway.

EXILE ON GUY STREET  Major NYT arts & leisure piece coming tomorrow on the Rolling Stones’ new Exile on Main Street  re-issue/update.  It’s "steeped in questions, not easy nostalgia."….Salon on DVD Stones extra–the suppressed Robert Frank film.  I was one of few to see it in 1970s due to word-of-mouth screening at the New School…. Some footage below:

 SHALES AND SEXISM  Wash Post ombud Andy Alexander in tomorrow’s column hits Tom Shales for his column in which he suggested PBS host Alison Stewart would have been more comfortable sitting on Bill Clinton’s lap.

BRITS THE THING TO DO   Glenn Greenwald on the new Brit gov’t  (unlike in the U.S.) really making changes — led by our home boy Nick Clegg — on civil liberties issues.  "What was once a fringe position there has now become the mainstream platform of their new Government:  that it’s imperative to ensure that their country is not ‘a place where our children grow up so used to their liberty being infringed that they accept it without question.’"    Daily Kos: Rep. Kucinich does have a new bill banning "extra-judicial" killing of U.S. citizens.

SAVAGE KAGAN–AND SCOTUS TWEETS  Charlie Savage in NYT:  Kagan’s writings back broader exectuive power….. Hotline:  Justice Breyer testifies that he is "impressed" by Twitter, but Scalia snorts, "clueless."

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