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NYT public editior Clark Hoyt considers criticism of use of euphemism "targeted killing" instead of "assassination," and more in that vein.

Colbert, GA. decides not to invite Stephen Colbert to its Fourth of July picnic—refusing petition to change pronunciation from Cull-bert to Coal-bare.

Elizabeth Warren:  Forget left vs. right.  It’s greed vs. fairness, banks vs. families and like that.

L.A. Times:  Kagan’s views on abortion far from clear….. Gingrich: no hearings needed, withdraw nomination, she’s "anti-military." ….Jay Rosen tweet re: Glenn Greenwald on ABC’s "This Week" today:  "did what he was there to do: he busted the Washington consensus, criticizing Obama and the Republicans."  Let’s go to the video.

Israel bars Noam Chomsky at border as he arrives for lecture. 

THANK HEAVEN FOR LITTLE BOYS:  Frank Rich on George Rekers, hypocrisy and "heaven sent rent boys."

SPECTER  OF DEFEAT?  Arlen in new ad now going after Sestak from the left, calling him "pro gun control."  …. Wash Post previews Tuesday primaries around USA…. Palin backs Brewer, misreads laws, says "come visit Arizona."  The trifecta!…..Rolling Stone: Rove secretly running GOP again and raising $135 milion war chest.

THAT ’70s SHOW:  Don’t miss high school photo of Ben Bernanke with shaggy hair and moustache on page 8 of NYT biz section today.

MUMBLES and SIGH:  Listen to two of our great modern philiosophers chat: Bob Dylan with Tom Waits.  Plus: that Seth MacFarlane video (funny until Ali arrives).

SLICK OIL  SNL last night: "A now a message from the people who ruined our oceans."  Video here.

IRAQ VIDEO:  That Wikileaks "Collateral Murder" video removed from YouTube after "copyright" claim.

GUNS  & MONEY:  Andy Borowitz:  "Palin favors selling to people on the no-fly list, as long as they pay the new $25 carry-on fee."…The Onion can be serious:   Its CEO offers actually useful advice for journalists.

THE REVOLUTION STARTS NOW:  Video charts explosive growth, influence, of social media.


 FARM AID:  Wait until Willie, Neil and Mellencamp see this: who needs a drummer when you got an old tractor to keep time?


Jon Stewart lampooned it the other night but now it’s here: Next attempt to stop oil leak in the Gulf is known as "Junk Shot"–tossing golf balls and other crap at it.

Tribute to the late Lena Horne in NYC yesterday:  "She did not give up….She did not give out."  From pinup girl to political activist.

Our kind of activist:  Florida woman claims url that might have been used by GOP for 2012 convention in Tampa—and uses it to carry photos of Gulf oil leak.  

ANTISOCIAL NETWORKING IN CHINA  Andy Borowitz: China Stops Spying On Its People; Will Use Facebook Instead.

U.S. ERR WAYS:   What could possibly go wrong? Gail Collins on the move to allow people to carry guns in airports and other nuttiness. Palin, of course, makes an appearance.

NAKED SAVAGE  Shooting fish in a barrel: PolitiFact fact checks Michael Savage claiming Kagan is a "Marxist." 

QUOTE OF THE DAY  By the CEO of BP:  "The Gulf of Mexico is a very big ocean. The amount of volume of oil and dispersant we are putting into it is tiny in relation to the total water volume."

AMERICA NEEDS A MAC DADDY?  Bill Maher last night on HBO got into a verbal knife fight with Newark Mayor Cory Booker over religion.  Later he declared that while tea partiers say "I want my country back" he says: "I want my country forward."   Forget faux "fuddy duddy" Obama claiming he doesn’t know how to use an iPod and too much tech in our lives.   America needs to focus on a jobs program—"Steve Jobs."  We need an "iAmerica."

AMERICA NEEDS A GOOGLE PRESS?  James Fallows responds to reader critiques of his big Atlantic feature on the future of journalism.  He still thinks Google will play a big part, it will be "robust" in ten years, but next few years may be rough.

WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?   As a tea partier

GOOD MORNING SUNSTEIN  NYT puts up its entire Sunday magazine, for free, at its site—includes major profie of Obama appointee (and husband of Samantha Power) Cass Sunstein….Coming up:  Glenn Greenwald on ABC’s "This Week" on Sunday, debut of Plame/CIA leak flick at Cannes on May 20.

VERY ‘CRUDE':   Bill Moyers and Michael Winship on that Chevron vs. fillmmaker controversy I’ve mentioned a couple of times already.   First Amendment crisis?

MILiBAND OF BROTHERS:  They battle for leadership position in Labour party in UK.   One of them, like Nick Clegg, former Nation intern!

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Sarah Palin tells some "redneck" jokes, claiming (with her $5 million earnings lately) to be one in spirit.  Now THAT’S funny.