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I’m away this weekend so abbreviated version, updated Sunday:

Dana Milbank in piece Sunday ties Beck to that shooting incident in California (though could go farther).

Frank Rich hits conventional wisdom that WikiLeaks leak no big deal—here’s how they are like Pentagon Papers.

NYT:  New Obama policy in Afghan—track down insurgents, don’t worry so much about winning hearts and minds of civilians.  

Awaiting apologies from media (some at liberal outlets): Al Gore cleared in sex abuse case—woman fails lie test, witnesses don’t pan out, forensic tests dispute her, she may have been paid by National Enquirer. 

 Dan Ellsberg’s WikiLeaks wish list Andy Borowitz: WikiLeaks hacked into Sarah Palin’s brain, but they couldn’t find anything…  FBI flashed cash around Cambridge to encourage WikiLeaks informants…

NYT reporting on Ground Zero mosque hit.

Tony Hayward tells the Wall Street Journal: “I Became A Villain For Doing The Right Thing.”

Nick Kristof tweets: "In 2002 and 2003 combined, 97 US soldiers were killed in Afghanistan. So far in 2010, 268 have, on track for a new record." Boston.com marks record with a month’s full of photos.

Don’t miss if you’ve even been to Red’s lobster shack in Wiscasset, Maine.


A very "kleine" Light Music.



Another great Jimmy Fallon tribute to Neil Young—this time doing the Double Rainbow. Look at Mother Nature on the run.