The recently released WikiLeaks reports on the war in Afghanistan provide a messy and frustrating view on the conflict, giving an opening for a much-needed discussion on the human and financial costs of the war. This week on The Nation on GRITtv, I sat down with Laura Flanders to discuss the release of the documents and argued that progressives must advocate for accountability within the intelligence community. I also spoke on Elizabeth Warren—a consumer advocate who can use the bully pulpit on behalf of people—as the best candidate to run the newly created Consumer Protection Bureau.  Watch the segment here, and for more, be sure to read my column "Could WikiLeaks Offer a Way Out of War?"

Also appearing on The Nation on GRITtv was Lynn Harris to discuss her recent article for The Nation, "When Teen Pregnancy Is No Accident." Harris joins UC Davis professor, researcher, and clinician Elizabeth Miller to discuss reproductive coercion, an underreported form of abuse facing many teenagers today. In her article, Harris argues that reproductive coercion "turns on its head the notion or the myth or the fable that it’s always women who are trying to trick their boyfriends into getting them pregnant." Watch the full segment here to learn more about this startling form of abuse.

Also this week…

Three appearances on The Rachel Maddow Show

Filling in for Rachel Maddow, The Nation’s DC editor Chris Hayes sat down with Nation contributing editor Christian Parenti to talk about his piece in the recent “Freedom From Oil” special issue. With the absence of serious comprehensive energy legislation, Parenti explains that President Obama can implement policy with or without Congressional support by having the federal government—which makes up 38 percent of the US economy—buy environmentally-friendly technologies.  Watch the conversation here, and be sure to check out Parenti’s compelling piece on a “Big Green Buy” as well.  Plus, last night on MSNBC Hayes talked to Michael Klare about his seminal piece in the special issue laying out a new, sane and clean energy policy. Read his article “Clean, Green, Safe, and Smart” here, and watch the segment to learn more about the dangers of drilling for oil in the Arctic.
Also joining Hayes this week was Nation sports writer Dave Zirin to talk about accountability in baseball during the steroid era.  As Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez approaches the 600 home-run marker—only the seventh person to do so—why is no one paying attention? Watch Dave Zirin’s commentary on the Major League and how A-Rod has become “the Courtney Love of baseball” here.

Article: Senator Sanders Says “No To Oligarchy”

One of the most-read articles this week at was "No to Oligarchy" by Bernie Sanders, a valuable contributor to The Nation, a proud progressive member of the Senate Democratic Caucus and longest serving Independent in Congressional history. Sanders addresses the disappearing middle class and the growing inequality in the United States.  Wealthy families are "determined to create an oligarchy in which a small number of families control the economic and political life of our country." You can read his piece here.

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Tune in on Monday to The Nation on GRITtv for a special commentary by Robin Templeton on immigration.  We’ll have video up on Wednesday but in the meantime, read her article “Baby Baiting” in the newest issue of The Nation here.  Plus, stay tuned for a conversation about workers’ rights in Liberia and a one-on-one with Publisher Emeritus Victor Navasky on the latest news. Watch for videos at or see full episodes at

The Breakdown Returning in the Fall…

The weekly podcast The Breakdown with DC Editor Chris Hayes will take a break for the rest of the summer.  Check out the archives for any you may have missed here and stay tuned for more of The Breakdown in the fall.

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