HURRICANE SANDY. “The presidential candidates decided not to speak about climate change, but climate change has decided to speak to them,” writes Mike Tidwell this week. Only a week before the election, the devastation caused by the storm was massive, including a tragic loss of life. Much of the damage—of homes, communities, and natural and cultural landmarks—cannot be repaired. Mark Hertsgaard writes about Hurricane Sandy as Greek tragedy, stating that we can either choose to ignore warnings about climate change or choose to act. “The question Hurricane Sandy really raises,” writes Hertsgaard, “is how long Big Oil will be allowed to hold the government of the United States hostage.” Also, be sure to read my blog—I ask how Romney Republicans can reconcile their anti-government extremism with actual reality. For more coverage, read Michelle Dean’s piece on FEMA and inequality, and take a look at Allison Kilkenny’s report on how the Occupy movement is helping storm victims. Whether you’re in New York or elsewhere, find out how you can help.

The Nation offices were without power this week, but thanks to the tenacity of our production and editorial teams, our new issue went out on time. On Sunday we accelerated our press schedule and worked through the night—despite being physically separated from one another and without access to our usual systems. Our columnists, writers and cover artist Steve Brodner filed a day early, and the Nation team was able to finish up by midday Monday, just in time to close the entire issue before the storm hit. And a good thing, too—if it had been any later, we would have missed the window. Many thanks to our amazing team.

ELECTION DAY: NOVEMBER 6. With just days until the election, Nation reporters are on the ground in battleground states and campaign headquarters around the country. E.J. Graff is optimistic about Elizabeth Warren’s Senate race in Massachusetts—the relentless campaign finds Warren with a small lead and an enthusiastic volunteer base in its final stretch. George Zornick reports that just days before the election big-dollar donations have been funneled into Todd Akin’s campaign. Is the National Republican Senatorial Committee behind the money surge? For the presidential election, follow our reporters throughout the week—and come Election Day, keep an eye on for an opportunity to unload your anxiety and discuss the results in a Live Chat with Nation readers and writers.

VOTING RIGHTS WATCH. Our Voting Rights Watch team will be monitoring early voting and election day suppression efforts from Virginia, Ohio, Florida and the Election Protection Center in Washington, DC. Brentin Mock reports on early-voting turnout in Florida, and Ari Bermaninvestigates how Hurricane Sandy will impact the election. Aura Bogado and community journalist Maegan E. Ortiz filed a report this week on why voting is especially crucial in communities of color—even for those who don’t live in swing states. Follow our team, who will be covering the election on the ground for The Nation and Colorlines.

#TALKPOVERTY. After months of pushing the candidates to talk about how they plan to tackle poverty in the United States, our own Greg Kaufmann was able to get a response from President Obama’s campaign (unsurprisingly, the Romney campaign chose not to participate.) Read his piece, and find out what the president would do in a second term and what the campaign has to say about child hunger, low-wage jobs, veteran homelessness and more.

PROGRAMMING NOTE. I’ll be on MSNBC’s UP with Chris Hayes this Sunday as we get ready for the election.