BAILOUT BONANZA. Our cover story made a major impact this week, both in the news and on the campaign trail. Investigative reporter Greg Palast reports that Mitt and Ann Romney made at least $15.3 million from the federal auto bailout. And it was Romney’s $1 million donor and adviser Paul Singer who led a rebellion by hedge funds against the federal bailout team’s original plan to rescue Detroit—a plan that might have saved the jobs, as well as pensions and benefits, of thousands of American workers at auto-parts supplier Delphi. It was a crushing blow to Delphi workers and one that Republican Super PACs are now blaming Obama for in swing-state TV ads. Read more from Palast here and watch him on Democracy Now!

NATION BUILDERS. This week we’re relaunching The Nation Builders, an update of our highly valued Nation Associates program, which has provided much-needed funds for The Nation’s mission since 1945. For years our Associates have provided more than 20 percent of the magazine’s revenue, enabling our truth-telling, principled and intelligent journalism to thrive. The Nation Builders will connect our valued supporters with essential content, new ways to network with each other, and vital new features to bring about real change in our country. I’m confident this new program will increase our ability to “build” on the invaluable legacy of the Nation Associates program. We hope you’ll get involved!

OBAMA FIGHTS BACK. Thanks again to our loyal readers who joined us in our second live presidential debate chat during the back-and-forth between President Obama and Governor Romney this week. Be sure to take a look at our post-debate coverage: Ben Adler writes about Romney’s false claims of bipartisanship, Bryce Covert asks what Romney really wants for women and George Zornick reveals Romney’s seven biggest debate lies. Be sure to join Nation reporters on Monday, as we host our final live debate chat. Along with lively, smart commentary, we’ll fact check the candidates in real time!

VOTING RIGHTS WATCH. As Tea Party groups and lawmakers continue to push voter suppression tactics across the country, our Voting Rights Watch 2012 collaboration with investigates how hard it actually is for some voters to obtain ID. In Chilchinbeto on the Navajo Nation, our community journalist Hillary Abe illustrates why voter ID is an obstacle to voting. Watch this video to see how difficult it is for one Navajo elder to get voter ID. Also, I hope you’ll take a look at Ari Berman’s editorial in this week’s issue, “The Election Protection Coalition Gears Up for Battle,” to find out how voting rights groups are fighting to resist voter suppression laws and harassment in key swing states.

WELCOME TOM TOMORROW. We’re happy to welcome Tom Tomorrow, who will be posting his political cartoon, This Modern World, at each Tuesday morning. This Modern World has run in alternative papers around the country for more than twenty years. Read his first cartoon for us, “Republicans, Unite!