AFTER BIN LADEN. In this week’s lead editorial, we ask what’s next? The Obama Administration has a unique opportunity to end a dark chapter in American history: it should start by bringing the troops home, and declaring an end to the ill-conceived ‘War on Terror.’ Read it here.

BIN LADEN DEAD: THE NATION’S COVERAGE. National Security Correspondent Jeremy Scahill examines the black ops force that killed bin Laden; DC Editor Christopher Hayes’ poignant reminder on why it’s time to banish our over-simplified us-versus-them mentality; this week’s The Breakdown on the future of the ‘War on Terror;’
National Affairs Correspondent William Greider questions what Pakistan did and did not know about bin Laden’s whereabouts; and, a decade of the ‘War on Terror’ in pictures. Full coverage here.

And be sure to catch Jeremy Scahill on HBO’s Realtime with Bill Maher on Friday at 10pm ET.

THE REAL BLUEPRINT FOR BUDGET SANITY. I argued Thursday that the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) People’s Budget might not pass the Senate, but organized pressure from the grassroots and outside groups can help advance it’s key principles–tax fairness, job creation and public investment. By most accounts, the People’s Budget, unlike the Ryan plan, is a plausible and humane path to balancing the budget.

NEW ASSOCIATE EDITOR. We’re excited to welcome Liliana Segura, who’ll begin as The Nation’s new Associate Editor on Monday, May 9th. Liliana joins us with over eight years of experience writing about social justice, prisons and criminal justice reform.

POSTCARD FROM PALESTINE. DC Editor Chris Hayes’ piece from the November 1, 2010 issue of The Nation was named in the Atlantic’s “100 Fantastic Pieces of Journalism.” Read Chris’ dispatch from Hebron here, and take a look at the Atlantic’s list of other great pieces of journalism.

APPEAL TO IRAN ON WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY. The Nation, along with Mother Jones, New America Media, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Investigative Fund at the Nation Insitute and others call on Iran to release Nation Contributor Shane Bauer and friend Josh Fattal, unjustly detained by Iran for the ludicrious charge of “spying.” Read the whole story here.

THE NATION KICKS OFF STUDENT WRITING CONTEST. We’re looking for original, thoughtful, provocative student voices to answer this question: What do you think is the most serious issue facing your generation? More information, including deadlines and eligibility is available here.


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