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Amazing: Pro-WikiLeaks hackers bring down MasterCard site. Company claims members can still use cards securely. PayPal admits it buckled under US pressure. I am live-blogging all things Wikileaks again all day here.

Full obit for Elizabeth Edwards, who passed away yesterday at 61.

NYT says families making less than $40K actually will pay more under Obama tax deal, amid choice tax cuts for wealthy…. Maddow hits Obama….  Rep. Anthony Weiner, among others (even Sen. Mary Landrieu) hopping mad. Chuck Todd: Pelosi does not have votes in House right now for the deal—"triple digit" opposition… Mark Whitaker on MSNBC: we finally saw Obama at press conference with passion—"a passion for pragmatism."….

Poll finds most Obama contributors LESS likely to support Obama/Dems after tax deal…. Kevin Drum at Mother Jones says deal not that bad.… Keith Olbermann disagrees, hits Obama for ignoring base, in special comment. 

Marking John Lennon’s death 30 years ago: columns by Ray DaviesYoko Ono, and others elsewhere. My own memories of having some contact with Lennon back in the 1970s: "just pissing about." 

NOTE: Once again, I am doing a slightly Daybook today due to continuing "Blogging the WikiLeaks." Here is yesterday’s edition and now today’s. Some of the late highlights from Monday:

WIKI LEAKS TUESDAY  Big NYT piece on new ways Justice seeks to nail Assange.  Especially if he directed Manning.  Not much on Lieberman threat vs. Times, however. … No NYT scoops today from WikiLeaks—but they had promised nine-day run and today is day 10. … Now here’s  the Wiki story of the week: Cables reveal beamed-in "Desperate Housewives" and David Letterman doing more to dissuade Saudi youth from radicalism than zillion dollar US efforts.  "[T]he shows are being allowed as part of the kingdom’s "war of ideas" against extremist elements. According to a secret cable titled David Letterman: Agent of Influence, they have been proving more effective than Washington’s main propaganda tool, the US-funded al-Hurra TV news channel." Letterman: Top 10 Reasons Not to Jihad?…. Another mind-boggler at The Guardian from today’s doc dump: The Saudis proposed Arab/NATO/US/UN force to intervene in Lebanon two years ago to end Iranian-backed Hezbollah’s siege of government.

OLD BOSS NOT SAME AS NEW BOSS  38 years ago this week I met Bruce Springsteen at Sing Sing prison.  Here’s how. 

BITS & PIECES  This must be said: Obama’s hair now more salt than pepper. And no wonder… Garry Trudeau on Colbert show…..


It’s hard to improve on the real thing—the new trailer for Jodie Foster’s film featuring Mel Gibson as man who can communicate only through a beaver puppet on his hand—but here it is mixed with Mel’s infamous phone rants.




One of the great solo John Lennon songs, if mainly overlooked today.


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