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Republicans trying one last-ditch move to block DADT repeal before signing this morning.   But signing happens anyway.   Hooray.

Meanwhile, passage of START treaty now looks certain, if narrow, but Obama’s future nuclear moves now in doubt. 

Yes I am again live-blogging all WikiLeaks and Assange news & views here.    Couple highlights so far:   US tried to force cancellation of New Zealand screening of Michael Moore’s "Fahrenheit 911,"  here’s a full Guardian write-up.  Mother Jones with a witty Christmasy cartoon video on the "The 12 Days of WikiLeaks,"   from "12 treason charges" to "A (redcted) in a (redacted) tree."  Plus: Bank of America readies of next big WikiLeak, setting up war room and buying up "abusive" domain names.

Waiting for Haley Barbour to say he plans to stay in D.C. this week instead of heading south, hoping for white Christmas.   Meanwhile NYT editorial slams his future prospects and prez run.

Media Matters picks Palin as "Misinformer of the Year."   Landslide?

Overlooked in most of the census coverage? A Hispanic voter boom.

Haaretz editorial: Israeli leaders only have selves to blame for the deterioration in Israel’s international standing. 

Dahlia Lithwick weighs in on the idea that encouraging healthy eating is "socialsm." 

OUR BELLE  TPM: Is Michele Bachmann gearing up for a Senate run? 

STREET CRIME  Marketwatch column on how Wall St. triumphed & left rest of American with devastating financial losses and high unemployment:  "If inner-city gangs had done this to America, we’d have martial law. If Arabs had done it, we’d have launched another war. Wall Street bankers? They’ve walked away scot free. And they’re actually being rewarded, helped by legal theft from the  middle class."   

A WILD WIKI TUESDAY  (AND  PALIN)   And here’s the Tuesday edition of my liveblogging all things WIkiLeaks.    One of top stories was my focus on Sarah Palin, who called for Assange to be hunted down like Osama bin Laden, now citing WIkiLeaks cable to boost her blast against Iran in USA Today op-ed.

ROLL OVER, BEETHOVEN  Greatest concert ever took place on this date 202 years ago.  Here’s my piece from two years back.

MO’ SATCHMO  Great news: Home of Louis Armstrong, the most important musician of 20th century, in Queens gets new visitor center–and all museum materials now online. 


For Haley Barbour, Dylan doing one of the great protest songs (and set in Mississippi), "Only a Pawn in Their Game."



For a holiday treat, here’s the trailer for what is widely considered one of the worst movies ever made, Santa Conquers the Martians.   It will…sleigh you.

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