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If you’re just waking up, or hung over, some late returns: NYT pegs GOP House pickup at 60, with 13 still undecided. Reid won Nevada, Murray leads in Wash and Bennet in Colo but not all votes counted yet (Denver Post called it for Bennet 10 am today). Murkowski appears to have won write-in vote in Alaska, with Miller second, but 7 percent lead means she could lose if ballots not marked properly (and this will take awhile). Half of 46 "blue dog" Dems lost, as we’ve warned.

Unless reversals, GOP only picks up 6 seats in Senate. For starters, go to NYT for results, maps, quick analysis—or to Talking Points Memo for same. 

Very latest analysis from Nate Silver …. Amanda Terkel on the blue dog disaster (or is it?), with half of 46 losing. Arianna Huffington on Bush breaking it but Obama underestimating how badly and now finding he owns it. Peter Daou: Dems stood for nothing and drifted to anything. Simon Johnson: Obama needs Elizabeth Warren more than ever (but GOP will target "czars")….. Alex Cockburn on GOP crazies and weak Dems here…… Polling on overall national poll turned out pretty good, despite cell phone "problem," but as warned, Gallup way off.

150 years after Civil War there will be no African-Americans in US Senate next year.

Our own Katrina on Colbert last night in a spirited and fun and meaty debate.

Ezra Klein on gridlock, pro and con. My take: perfect for GOP, because they can still blame Dems for everything for next two years due to control of White House and Senate and claim they need it all in 2012—and may well get it, with many vulnerable Dems (including Obama) running then. Those who say "now GOP/Tea Party" have to deliver are off —they can always say they were blocked, and will.

Colbert: "It looks like Boehner will be speaker—unless he blocks his confirmation out of habit."

My election night blog, but much of action was at my Twitter feed @gregmitch and The Nation‘s hash tag #NAT2010.  My latest: Tea Party actually cost GOP the Senate, dooming wiinable races in Nevada, Delaware, W.Virginia, probably Colorado… Biggest statewide Tea Party sweep was actually in Maine.

Speaking of elections, don’t miss my final daily dispatch at Huff Post on why Upton Sinclair’s race for governor of California was one of most influential campaigns ever.

Virtual silence last night, from candidate and media, on the two wars we’ve been conducting for, oh, 8 or 9 years now. Also: almost all winning GOPers oppose any deadline for US pullout in Afghanistan next summer.

Pundit wrapup at The Atlantic. Full mainstream coverage and links via Mike Allen at Politico. Palin had mixed scorecard but lost many of her high-profile faces… Nation writers on Democracy Now and GritTV  today. 

Obama presser at 1 pm today. He vowed to work with GOPers when Dems had huge advantage so he can hardly blow them off now. Harry Reid warns "no" from Repubs can’t be tolerated. I’m still waiting for exit poll results on how many GOP voters believe 1) Obama born abroad 2) earth was created 6000 years ago.

Before returning to election coverage, let us note that nearly lost in last night’s frenzy was the NYT scoop in obtaining George W. Bush’s memoir a week before publication. Now Bush’s first interview, with Matt Lauer, yet to air has leaked out in which, believe it or not, he claims he was a "dissenting voice" on going to war in Iraq.

Daily Show: Yes, We Can? No, Maybe We Can’t.

Ponder this: I didn’t hear one word about our wars all night until 1 am and an ABC panel…. A bit hidden but super-important: GOP taking over so many legislatures and governor’s posts, to swing the coming re-districting. Also, GOP in control of most key governor’s seats for 2012 prez race …. Crushed by Feingold’s defeat….  Carl Paladino’s must-see, almost psychotic non-concession concession speech—yes he was holding a bat….

Still the one? Still havin’ fun? No, Rep. John Hall or Orleans fame has lost in upstate NY…. Kamala Harris still in tight AG race in Calif. … Plenty of analysis from their own bloggers at The Atlantic. .. A look at mixed results of TV coverage "innovations"…