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Robert Wright column in NYT:  No, Afghan war is NOT another Vietnam. Actually, it’s worse.  "For starters, though Vietnam was hugely destructive in human terms, strategically it was just a medium-sized blunder. It was a waste of resources, yes, but the war didn’t make America more vulnerable to enemy attack.  The Afghanistan war does."

Jeremy Scahill, back from Afghanistan, with Chris Hayes last night on Maddow show, on the war.

New poll: 45 percent of Dems want primary challenger for Obama.  ….Stan Greenberg: Afghan war likely spark for such a challange 

Massive day of UK student protest today. Last one turned violent at end, as anarchists took hold.  Seems to be happening again.  Follow The Guardian blog here, and reporter  @paul__lewis.

Tom Friedman: US students sinking partly because of too much texting.   And look at that list of Rhodes Scholars.  

Much more from WSJ on the new American Bridge campaign funding group related to Media Matters.

BUM RUSH  Wonderful blasting of Rush Limbaugh by Motor Trend for his Chevy Volt remarks.

ARREST BUSH  MSNBC:  Bush warned to keep book tour domestic—or face war crimes charges abroad, perhaps.

RUBIN IT IN  Just what they needed: Wash Post hires another pro-Israel, bomb-bomb-bomb Iran hawk, Jennifer Rubin, from Commentary.

THE FOREVER AND EVER WAR  Another likely soldier suicide in Afghan—he did 2 tours there, after 2 tours in Iraq…. CNN: Pentagon report: Afghans believe Taliban victory inevitable.  But report sees some gains for US, some discouragement.

PLUS ARLO  Pastors of Plenty: my piece on a rightwing attack on Woody Guthrie and an ecumenical Thanksgiving.   Plus video of a "massacree."

THE PALIN CURSE?   Bristol loses in Dancing With the Stars finale ….  A steep drop in ratings for ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ ….. Will Christine O’Donnell dance with the stars next season? Yes, if Sarah Palin has her way.

THE BUSINESS PAGE Econ blogger Yves Smith’s five reasons Treasury Dept.’s 11-agency, 8-week review of bank servicer practices will yield little. (h/t Barbara Bedway)

THE BEAR TRUTH  Deanne Stillman on how Palin’s "Mama Grizzlies" will threaten the real ones, or: "Does a bear vote in the woods?" . 

BITS & PIECES   US priest charged w/ abusing boy; now charged with hiring hitman to whack the boy…. Joe Lieberman in a jam winning re-election next year.  Oh, boo-hoo….    Recount ordered in Minnesota Gov’s race….You may disagree with some of this, but lengthy and interesting analysis by Andrew Tyndall of Stewart & Maddow,  Ted Koppel & Jay Rosen,  FNC & MSNBC.

GIVING YOU A SIGN  Okay, fans, you are hereby invited to take part in fundraising auction for The Nation featuring whatta deal on autographed copies of not one, not two, but FIVE of my books, here.


Sarah Silverman recalls the day she allegedly picked out a cute turkey—for slaughter—at age 6.  Her seems to remember it was a cow.  Sarah notes that the killing of turkeys symbolizes the first Thanksgiving—when we shot Indians.



The Ives has it, if you are in the mood for some great early "Thanksgiving" music with Thoreau, Emerson and in this case, the Alcotts, in Concord.


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