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NY cab driver stabbed by passenger who asked "Are You Muslim?"  Statement by victim, whose four kids were all born in USA.   Update: Perp to be charged with attempted murder and hate crime.

Coordinated wave of attacks in 13 towns and cities in Iraq kill dozens, raise fear of possible future "Tet" offensive? 

Major Garrett exiting Fox News, leaves White House spot open for Breitbart, Ingraham, Carlson.

Nate Silver’s grim new projections for 538.com find Dems now losing 6 or 7 Senate seats. This marks debut of his new blog for NYT.

Follow up on editor’s suicide at Virginia Quarterly Review: top editor had drawn blame, staffers defend now.

Big ProPublica story — New Orleans cops were given okay to shoot and kill looters.  Will be featured on PBS Frontline tonight.

For Tuesday’s primary results and analysis check TPM first.  Among the highlights:  Easy win for John McCain in Arizona, as move to right pays off.  Ben Quayle wins 10-person GOP race there also….  And Kendrick Meek inherits the turf in Florida, and will oppose Rubio and Crist.  Scott defeats McCollum for Fla. GOP nod for governor… Palin-backed candidate seems to pull shocking upset in Alaska over Murkowski, though not final.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg again shames most Democrats with another strong pro-Islam Center speech.  …. Chris Matthews slams NY candidate  Rick Lazio over "mosque" claims (video) … ….NYT:  Area just south of Ground Zero in NYC  was once dominated by Arab-Americans and known as Little Syria.

Top Wash Post story:  Grave new threat of al-Qaeda upsurge in Yemen….  The Onion:  "Obama Declares Victory, Sort of, Depending on How You Look At It, In Iraq." 

From Politics Daily: 10 reasons to lift the Cuba embargo

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL   That Taiwan news site that does wacky animations of big news stories usually highlights things like Tiger Wood’s car assault but for some reason decided to look at midterm elections in the USA, and we’re glad they did:


BECK AND CALL  Media Matters: How Fox is unofficial sponsor of Glenn Beck’s big D.C. rally…..My old bud Joe Strupp w/ scoop on former WH Corresp chief Ed Chen calling Fox getting top WH seat a "travesty."

THAT MAKES TWO OF US  Andy Borowitz "BREAKING: DEA admits they had no idea what people were saying in The Wire."

ISABELLA GOES BUGGY ON US  Jon Stewart last night had some fun last night with excerpts from what seemed like a truly bizarre video featuring Isabella Rossellini exploring….bed bugs.  So here’s her full video:


THE DWIGHT APPROACH  Rainn Wilson tweets: "I’m all for science when it doesn’t conflict with my political or religious views."

BITS & PIECES   Felix Salmon:  New housing price report bad? It will get worse. …. Sad:  Death of young LPGA golfer ruled a suicide, but scene "altered."….Pro Publica: Local officials say lack of oxygen likely killing thousands of fish in the Gulf…..U.S. drone strike destroys house full of children in Pakistan.

SHIRLEY A MAJOR  DECISION  Shirley Sherrod declines offer return to Agriculture Department.   Roger Simon of Politico reports that Tom Vilsack did offer to quit over his handling of her firing. 


True Blood in 60 seconds.




Columbia Records announced yesterday that its next installment in the official Bob Dylan "bootleg" series would be a collection of acoustic demo songs cut between 1962-1964, some never heard before.  It’s also putting out his first eight albums in mono, on both vinyl and CD.  So here’s a rarely seen (and very odd) live TV version of his classic "Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll" from that period.