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John Burns defends his Julian Assange profile in NYT, hits Glenn Greenwald, reveals scope of criticism.  Greenwald, of course, responds…. In Defense of WikiLeaks Foreign Policy’s site.

President Obama set for Daily Show tonight…. Robert Gibbs at press briefing Tuesday: Obama signed up to do Stewart show long before Stewart announced rally. Hasn’t talked to Obama about the rally….. Washington City Paper issues fun guidelines to staffers on attending Jon Stewart rally—unlike NPR staffers they are allowed to attend, but must not laugh…..

Will Stewart’s rally only enrage conservative voters? And who cares if he does? Also, Tim Noah of Slate doesn’t want those elite Easterners to mock as stupid people who, you know, are certain Obama was born in Africa and is a Muslim. 

Yet another possible US soldier suicide in Iraq. This kid was to come home in 13 days and propose to his girlfriend. Update: Unconfirmed report that he may have been murdered with another in "berserk" rampage.

Web site for alleged 2nd attacker in "stomping" of MoveOn gal by Rand Paul backers—note the "come and get them" gun and girl photo.

George W. Bush’s upcoming memoir already on half-price at Amazon—and this time he can’t order a bailout.

HONKY TONK WOMAN LOVER? Maureen Dowd on Keith Richards revealing himself as true "gentleman" in his new book.  

MADDOW & MILLER Rachel Maddow tracks down, interviews Alaska’s Joe Miller, in Anchorage on gay rights. Today she is on the tail or trail of Sharron Angle in Nevada…. Juan Williams: Fox News more "enlightened" than NPR. Funny what $2 million can buy.

UPDATES Palin endorses that GOP candidate in North Carolina—his race is a tossup—who killed 2 unarmed Iraqis (shooting them 60 times) and desecrated bodies, even cites his Marine service….. Whatever happened to fired CNN staffer Octavia Nasr?  

AND LINDA RONSTADT WAS #1 Great Jerry Brown ad quotes Meg Whitman saying she moved to California because "everything was possible in Calif 30 years ago"—and points out Jerry was gov then. Whoops.

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL Nate Silver on Democracy Now! with grim election forecast for Dems. Our own Ari Berman also on today’s show on grassroots stuff…  A look at the Tea Party and other GOP groups’ plans to claim fraudulent voting next week—to suppress minority turnout…. Jon Ralston, the ace Las Vegas commentator, on Hardball: Democrats’ main tactic now is "calling Republicans crazy—and guess what, some of them are."

SAFE AT HOME Obama to annouince today new policies against domestic violence.… Lobbyists already courting expected new leaders of House panels after GOP takeover….


It got a zillion views on YouTube, so the NYT did a big piece this week. Here’s the Obama hip-hop everyone is pro and con on, "Head of State." Language not safe for work.




You young ‘uns might have read a few tossed off references to once and future California governor Jerry Brown at one time famously dating some singer named Linda Ronstadt. Well, here she is back in first Brown era (when she and Jerry were both riding high).