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Roger Ebert:  "Obama accused of eating ice cream cone while the oil is still gushing.  Bush was out to lunch for eight years."

BP reportedly agrees to $20 escrow fund requested by Obama last night.   BP chairman after meeting with Obama:  "We care about the small people."  Paging Randy Newman…..WSJ  today with story on how boycotts of BP hurting local owners of gas station who did nothing wrong.  Check out AP picture of Elvis impersonator (left) hired to ask local motorists in Pensacola for support. …  Pro Publica: Tally by states of illnesses caused by oil leak far exceed those kept by BP.  Surprise!….   BP hires private security "thugs" to keep people and media away from its "black water"….

After all the jokes,  Kevin Costner   had last laugh,  getting orders from BP  for 32 of his oil cleanup machines….
Media Matters: Criticism of Obama speech way overblown? 

Good Kevin Drum piece taking issue with recent Tea Party analysis and asserting that they’re really nothing new, just predictable reactonaries.  And deficit concerns just drummed up by rightwing media….  Rep. Souder, who quit last month after admitting affair, for some reason is still giving interviews and claims even prayer and hymns could not save him.

Jon Stewart: "What’s covered in heroin and sitting on gold? No, not just Amy Winehouse…. Afghanistan."

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12 innovative projects get major funding in Knight Foundation’s "News Challenge" grants today…. 

NYT:  American held in Cairo for six weeks, for no good reason….  



HATCH BROKEN  Sen. Orrin Hatch proposes drug testing for those seeking new unemployment or welfare benefits. 

RISEN’s FALL?  James Risen of NYT exploded in anger at critics of his blockbuster this week about Afghanistan’s mineral riches.  Something about what sexual act bloggers allegedly  in their bath robes–which writer of this Yahoo report tweeted but was forced to leave out of his story.  Now NYT‘s Dean Baquet also defends…. 

SPEECH:  LESS?  Obama to meet with BP execs today and give noon time report to press.  Reaction to last night’s big oil leak / energy  speech:  NYT blog quotes wide variety of web analysts from left and right.  It put  Robert Reich "to sleep" and he asks, where is the "moral outrage"?  Ezra Klein of Wash Post felt it reminded him of selling health reform bill.  Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthew immediately attack it.   Mike Allen with roundup all the inside-the-Beltway negativism.   Kate Sheppard of Mother Jones, who has done much reporting on crisis,  disappointed:  "His speech was short on specifics concerning both the near-term response to the immediate crisis and the long-term energy policy that will curb the nation’s dependence on oil."   Don Van Natta Jr. of the NYT tweets:  "Where were the vuvuzelas when the POTUS most needed them?"  

PAGING TOM CRUISE  The St. Petersburg TImes, which has a long history on this subject, with another probe of Scientology, with chilling account of women being urged to have abortions against their will.

IMPOSSIBLE  ANGLE:  Harry Reid’s opponent in Nevada, Sharron Angle, earlier this year floated possibility of armed insurrection "if this Congress keeps going the way it is."  And here she defends Scientology. … 

QUOTE OF THE DAY   Dept. of Now They Tell Us:  "When these things happen, we are not well equipped to deal with them." — Oil Company CEO at hearings yesterday.


BLOODY AFTERMATH  My new piece on yesterday’s explosive Bloody Sunday report which at long last found no justification at all for the Brit paratroopers’ killing of 13 marchers in 1972.   Go to The Guardian site for latest updates and much background.  Bernadette Devlin McAliskey (who was there in 1972): Put Brit government, not soldiers, in the dock.

UNCIVIL WAR   Also on last night’s how, Jon Stewart did a kind of Glenn Greenwald imitation, hitting Obama hard on breaking campaign campaign promises on Gitmo, rendition, civil liberties….

HATS OFF TO LARRY  Lawrence O’Donnell, frequent sub for Olbermann, gets 10 pm slot at MSNBC, Keith re-play bumped to 11.  Subbing for Olbermann leads to own shows, it seems.

HARD CELL  San Francisco passes cellphone radiation measure, even though evidence not fully in.

DID THE ANGELS WEEP?  Greatest opening line in newspaper story of a protest ever? … Plus: Lightning strike destroys famed "Touchdown Jesus" statue but leaves Hustler club unscathed.  Act of God?

THRILLER CHILLER   Wash Post reviews Glenn Beck’s new novel, claiming its success " will be measured not by its literary value (none), or its contribution to the thriller genre (small), or the money it rakes in (considerable), but rather by the rebelliousness it incites among anti-government extremists. If the book is found tucked into the ammo boxes of self-proclaimed patriots and recited at tea party assemblies, then Beck will have achieved his goal."

BITS & PIECES   Let’s not do it:  Utah inmate facing death by firing squad in Utah this Friday has stay denied…. Andy Borowitz: "Elephants eat 17 hours a day.  That’s how they got their nickname, ‘Americans’" …  Rep. Obey moving to halt spending request for Afghan war until assistance to states goes through….


Sarah Palin’s train wreck on Fox.  Even Bill O’Reilly is incredulous.  Believe me, worth it if you need a chuckle: