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TPM:  Famed attorney and 9/11 widower Ted Olson: Obama Was Right On ‘Mosque’

Nancy Pelosi not only took a side on the Islamic Center debate on a local California radio station KCBS, but she also questioned the motives of those who opposed the mosque. "I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded? How is this being ginned up?"

Republican strategists are now finally saying that there is now a danger in pushing the "Ground Zero mosque" issue too forcefully. Republican National Committee chairman Ed Gillespie told the Washington Post, "One of the biggest dangers in politics is to overplay an issue."

Alternet features an excerpt from Thomas Geoghegan’s book, Were You Born on the Wrong Continent?  How the European Model Can Help You Get a Life., which explains how Europe makes people’s everyday life much more pleasant to live in.

Did one juror scuttle more Blago convictions? Some say yes, foreman says no.


Dr. Laura Schlesigner quitting her radio show (she announced on Larry King’s show, natch) in wake of N-word flap — says it’s so she retains her "First Amendment" rights and doesn’t have to worry about offending some "special interest group."

Media this month: Mosque of the Cred Death.    Amy Goodman titles new column"Mosque-issipi Burning." 

Maureen Dowd, who just backed Gibbs in attacking lefties, slams Obama on mosque timidity, calls on Dubya, of all people, to weigh in…. Rainn Wilson tweets: "They better not build a church anywhere near where Timothy McVeigh bombed Oklahoma City! Sacrilege."  

News Corp (Fox News’s and Wall Street Journal’s daddy company) donated $1 million to the Republican Governors Association in June.     Howie Kurtz weighs in here as Dems attack. Eric Boehlert tweets: "Logically, shouldn’t the GOP be giving $1M to Fox News, not the other way around?"…. Stephen Colbert’s take last night on the "wedding." It’s now "Fox Friends With Benefits."   

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Dick Armey on Daily Show  warns Jon Stewart that if they get stuck on a desert island together "I’ll have a gun." Jon: "I’ll have a boat." Armey: "And I’ll shoot your boat with my gun."  

Coming Sept. 7 on HBO: "My Trip to al-Qaeda", project of New Yorker‘s Lawrence Wright and Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange: U.S. Army willing to discuss request for help in reviewing Afghan war documents.

NEW LOOK AT ALS  Great NYT sports story today played on front page by Alan Schwarz, who should have been Pulitzer finalist last year for his concussion stories. New evidence suggests that head trauma can lead to what has been diagnosed as ALS– but is really not. Even Lou Gehrig himself may have been a victim, as he was hit in head by several balls and knocked out.

DIM LIGHT SONATA   Most U.S. students think Beethoven is a dog.

GOP: WEATHER VAIN   Republican candidates decide there are votes in attacking "myth" of global warming and are stepping up foolish assault . Politico: “Republicans running for the House, Senate and governor’s mansions have gotten bolder in stating their doubts over the well-established link between man-made greenhouse gas emissions and global warming." 

FOX FIGHT?  Greta Van Susteren: Glenn Beck ‘should move’ this month’s rally from Martin Luther King spot.

BITS & PIECES  Most memorable fictional depiction of the late Bobby Thomson’s famous 1951 HR: DeLillo’s long and brilliant opening chapter in "Underworld."…  NOLA culinary icon Susan Spicer leads restaurant owners suing BP over leak’s effect on local-seafood biz…. The Onion reports, "Candidate to Accuse Opponent of Racism Just to See What Happens."

OUT OF FOOD  Where’s my food? Democrats propose cuts to future food stamp funding in order to save $14.1 billion over 10 years and reduce the national budget deficit.




Yeah, you read it right, newly posted live version of Tom Waits doing James Brown’s "Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag."