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Great David Carr piece on sick "culture" at Sam Zell’s Tribune Co.—including CEO who offers waitress $100 to show him and pals her breasts.   We warned about this years ago at E&P. Memo from Tribune chief responds.

Mistah Kurtz, he mad? Howie exits Wash Post for The Daily Beast. What’s next, Bob Woodward to Yahoo? 

Neil Sheehan, the former NYT reporter and noted author on Vietnam, sees disturbing Viet/Afghan links in this review of Bob Woodward book. NOTE: I am hosting the FireDogLake chat with Woodward tomorrow at 3 pm ET. 

Woodward in interview  says his (as usual, unnamed) sources tell him the idea within the White House of Biden and Hillary swapping jobs for 2012 race is "on the table."  Not so farfetched, really, but David Axelord today called the rumors  "absolute fiction."

White House strategists "counting on Obama to shame the left into matching the Tea Party momentum…. The focus on the left underscores the White House conclusion that it will be harder to convince independents to turn out for Democrats this year."

Just got an email from Michael Caputo, spokesman for New York tea party/GOP candidate for governor Carl Paladino, responding to the Nation piece: "You are clearly a douche bag."  

Pew survey: 31 percent of GOPers claim Obama is a Muslim and another 39% "don’t know" his religion….  Andy Borowitz: "POLL: Democrats in Congress Unaware They Have a Majority."

STONED AGAIN  Good job by our two Nation folk on Parker Spitzer last  night, and then there was this ex change:  Oliver Stone: Palin is a "moron." Parker: But interesting phenomenon!  Stone: No, there have been Know-Nothings throughout our history.

RE-ARRANGING  CONGRESS Bary Ritholtz divides up the Congress with new seating charts based on campaign contributions, via Mother Jones.   Revealing.

DAN THE MAN If you caught Daniel Ellsberg film last night on PBS, or if you didn’t:  my piece on his remarkable warnings on Iraq and the media.

WHAT’s GOING ON? Or should we say, "Beginning to See the Right": Former Velvet Underground drummer Maureen Tucker now a Tea Partyer who bashes Obama….

BUM RUSH Too Far? Rush Limbaugh refers to President Obama as ‘You Jackass’ (video).

FOREIGN INTRIGUE CSM: Did Israeli militants torch a mosque in the West Bank?….  Democracy NowThe Dark History of Medical Experimentation From the Nazis to Tuskegee to Puerto Rico.


A little Black humor from last night, on the education crisis, Tony Danza, and new ‘Superman" movie.

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Bruce Cockburn has written some find poltiical songs over the years, and here’s perhaps his most popular, "If I Had A Rocket Launcher."