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Welcome words in NYT headline: "Bush Interview Is a Bust for NBC." Ratings-wise and journo-wise…. Bush on Today this morning claims deficits he ran up really weren’t so bad.  Also Kanye West on tape sort of apologizes for his post-Katrina remark that Bush somehow said was "worst" moment of his presidency. 

Jon Stewart, after being criticized by Maddow, Olbermann and Maher on overly even-handed "sanity" rally—and gently pushing back Monday night—now will appear on Rachel’s MSNBC show on Thursday. Should be great one.

Lawrence O’Donnell set a record last night—in debate with guest (Glenn Greenwald) he actually gave his opponent two-third’s of the face time!  Debate was a continuation of their "Morning Joe" squabble over how much the Blue Dog Dems hurt the party.  Here’s what Glenn wrote.  O’Donnell, in his defense, closed segment with famous proud-to-be-a-liberal scene he wrote for "West Wing." 

Obama criticized Israel’s housing plans for East Jerusalem, and Netanyahu barked back, now peace talks in jeopardy….. Naomi Klein video pickYoung Jews disrupted Netanyahu w/ truth about why Israel faces legitimacy crisis.

New twist: Who sent those fake Olbermann e-mails blasting his boss to a newspape columnist? Well, it turns out, none other than Tucker Carlson. Tucker is laughing about it. Keith is not.  Tucker claims he didn’t think they’d be published. Right….

Meanwhile, Olbermann returned last night with jokes, and pointed comments, about his suspension, but pretty much along the lines of his letter to viewers. Guest Michael Moore, meanwhile, offered to lett NBC air his "Fahrenheit 911" for free as balance for its days of Bush book promo.

Colbert Persuades Cee-Lo To Change Lyric From “F*ck You” To “Fox News” (video).

FOR COMEDY RELIEF Check out op-ed by Bolton and Yoo, claiming that the "will of the voters" demands that we not cut nukes. Yeah, that was a hot campaign issue all right.

NO INSURANCE   The Centers for Disease Control reports that 59 million Americans went without health insurance at some point last year, many with illnesses that required serious treatment. That was up 4 million from two years before. 

WITCH ENDS IS UP Female host on Fox & Friends better watch her back: Christine O’Donnell on Tonight Show tonight. 

WARNER, OH BROTHER  MoveOn responds to Mark Warner’s comparison of them ("super-left")  to radical Tea Partiers.

SHOE ON OTHER FOOT IN 2012  Dems will have only 12 House seats to defend where Obama won minority of vote in 2008, GOP has 55 where Obama won majority…

BEATING AROUND THE G.W. BUSH  Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame blast Bush’s take on Scooter Libby suffering enough in CIA leak case…..My review of Bush-Lauer interview: The Silence of the Lamb…. Andy Borowitz:  "Watching Matt Lauer [with Bush] reminded me of how good he is when they have a chimp on The Today Show." …  More comedy:  Today’s WSJ  interview with Bush…..   Amnesty International tweets:   "Bush: If Waterboarding’s So Great, Put this Video in Your Museum!" …. Activists plan bookstore protests, demanding the Bush memoir get moved to "Crime" section…..   Bush on Elie Wiesel: "Here was a man who had devoted his life to peace urging me to intervene in Iraq." 

FLACK JOURNALISM Once-proud Editor & Publisher (my old magazine back when it was among most-honored bis magazines) now reduced to printing press releases and reprinting outside articles, after getting rid of last remaining holdover editors and writers.  Here’s just one of several PR release on site now.

PALIN HITS DELETE  BUTTON  John Dickerson of Slate posted comments on discussion area at Sarah Palin’s Facebook page—and immediately deleted!  

I GET GRITTY My appearance on GRIT TV this week, on money and politics, Keith O, Bush interviews, "Fair Game," more.

BITS & PIECES  Newly elected Tea Partier’s  chief of staff wanted to HANG illegal immigrants who commit crime.


Auto-tuning is the cat’s meow—literally, in this case.




Continuing our week of "tributes" to George W. Bush to mark the publication of his new memoir, here’s Steve Earle’s "Condi," which even includes a reference to Springsteen’s "Rosalita."