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Modern version of "destroying a village to save it,"  this time in Afghanistan… Hero Afghan dog soldier brought home was accidentally euthanized in homecoming

Palin-mania continues in the media despite her low standing in polls—a NYT Magazine cover coming this Sunday by Robert Draper. And, of course, she has a new book. UPDATE: My take on full story, which has now been posted.

Don’t touch Capt. Sully’s junk, or his wife’s, as controversy continues over TSA airport procedures—with right-wingers suddenly voicing concern for loss of rights under anti-terror regime. Lewis Black weighs in here, in his unique style.

Erin Brokovich (played by Julia Roberts in the movie) now goes to war as the original pollution is found to be spreading. 

Wild: Howard Fineman seriously looks at talk of an independent Bloomberg-Scarborough ticket in 2012. Or the other way around. Morning Joe now mocks it and takes shot at Howard. What next? Feingold-Maddow?

A full report and seveal videos re: Springsteen’s visit to the Fallon show last night. He did the whole show with lengthychatting, performed two songs and even endured Jimmy’s impersonation.

FORECLOSE BUT NO CIGAR  Econ blogger Ritholtz helps out Wash Post editors with syntax, and notes banks halted foreclosures not because of "mere questionable practices," but because forgery, fraud and criminal contempt fall under the noun "felony." 

SANDY’s LITTLE EDEN  Robert Scheer on the "The Man Who Shattered Our Economy." Yes, it’s Sandy Weill, although he has a nice new vineyard out in California anyway.

SCARED STRAIGHT  Dancing (not too close) With the Stars: Daily Show looks at Bristol Palin and The Situation starring in a safe sex ad.

HIDDEN IN PLAME SIGHT  What’s missing from Bush’s account in his book of the Valerie Plame scandal? It’s a biggie, writes David Corn… Andy Borowitz:  "3 words that don’t belong in the same sentence: Bush + Presidential + Library."

ODD COUPLES  Maureen Dowd on The Way They Were:  Redford and Streistand reunite—and so do Dubya and Cheney… Warren Buffett w/ NYT op-ed, thanking his Uncle Sam for averting full economic meltdown. 

MY  BACK PAGES  Yeah, everyone is excited about the Beatles finally coming to iTunes but: When Dylan went electric—I recall my first rock concert, forty-five years ago this week.

BITS & PIECES  Ted Koppel hits Olbermann for his news values. Now, three days later, Ted’s old home, Nightline, schedules "Royal Wedding" special… Lisa Murkowski wraps up Alaska win almost certainly… Profile of Israeli novelist David Grossman, whose son was killed in final days of war in Lebanon in 2006…

HEY, BUSTER  A.O. Scott’s NYT video pick this week: Buster Keaton’s The General—truly great flick, but you need to see newer print with scenes in the right order.


Belle & Sebastian, live, declare, "I’m Waking Up to Us."



Tina Fey was awarded the prestigious Mark Twain Prize last night via PBS but the network snipped out some pointed references to Sarah Palin.  Here’s the whole speech, with the Palin references about twelve minutes in.  

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