We’ve almost won. Under pressure from millions, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has said that he will support Title II reclassification, exactly what we need to ensure that the Internet remains a fair playing field for all.

That said, it’s not quite time to celebrate. Telecom lobbyists are pulling out all the stops to undermine real net neutrality before the final vote on February 26. From Time Warner Cable to AT&T to politicians looking to divide the public on what should be a bipartisan issue, we’re up against some powerful players.


The FCC has closed formal public comments in the days leading up to the vote. To make sure that commissioners know that we’re still watching, our friends at OpenMedia are setting up a Jumbotron right outside FCC headquarters. Send us your pro-net neutrality messages, images and memes and we’ll display them on the big screen.


In The Nation, Mychal Denzel Smith makes a forceful case for the indispensable role that net neutrality plays in #BlackLivesMatter and other contemporary social movements.


Still confused as to why net neutrality is important? Watch the John Oliver rant that famously broke the FCC’s website.