We applauded Congress’s recent defense of Saturday delivery at the United States Postal Service and the USPS’s subsequent decision not to cancel it. However, the story didn’t end there. As John Nichols reported, the USPS still suffers from attempts to weaken the public institution and privatize its services. To preserve and modernize the USPS well into the twenty-first century, Senator Bernie Sanders and Congressman Peter DeFazio have introduced the Postal Service Protection Act, a package of reforms designed to give this critical institution a fighting chance.


The fight to protect the USPS is critical to stemming the tide of austerity and protecting our public institutions. Contact your representative and implore them to support the Postal Service Protection Act.


In a recent post, John Nichols explained how nowhere has the austerity threat been more evident than in the attempt by Postal Service managers—and their allies in Congress—to eliminate Saturday delivery.


This episode of Democracy Now! explored critics’ claims that a manufactured crisis is being used to push a privatization scheme on the USPS.