Glenn Greenwald.(AP Photo/Vincent Yu)

I suppose that no one should be surprised that Edward Jay Epstein, one of the original JFK conspiracy theorists (I was a big fan in the 1960s, for a few weeks, when I was a kid), is back with an op-ed at the right-wing Wall Street Journal editorial page insinuating that Glenn Greenwald might be behind Edward Snowden’s career move to Booz Allen, for the purpose of getting those NSA docs and his big scoop.

In other words: the guy should be arrested and locked up. That is, Greenwald, as well as Snowden.

As usual, Greenwald critics of this bent totally ignore the fact that Bart Gellman of the more establishment Washington Post was also involved with Snowden early. That muddies the narrative, of course, not to mention ruffling other feathers.

Well, Twitter was abuzz, as if it was WSJ and the Vince Foster “murder,” part II. For a bit of the flavor here’s a Storify trail of a Twitter debate in response featuring Michael Wolff, Jeff Jarvis and Greenwald himself. Also see video of Greenwald’s speech to the national socialist confab last night, introduced by Jeremy Scahill. He had dealt with some of the questions raised by Epstein and Wolff right there. And a fine new post from NYT public editor Margaret Sullivan on the who-is-a-journalist question.

Monday Update: David Carr's column today on the journalist vs. activist question is hardly a "hit" on Greenwald, but he does misfire badly on a key point near the end. Also see that link for another interesting Twitter debate between Greenwald and NYT's Damien Cave.

Here’s an edited collection of the earlier Storified tweets from Greenwald, Jarvis and Wolff:

Wolff: Ed Epstein argues possibility Snowden & @ggreenwald colluded on data grab frm Booze. Does that change narrative?

Jarvis: @MichaelWolffNYC conspiratorial claptrap. @ggreenwald

Jarvis: @MichaelWolffNYC The phrases “what if” and “in on it” with no facts & only conjecture = conspiracy theory @ggreenwald

Greenwald: @MichaelWolffNYC Are you a thief & a plagiarist? I’ll go write my “what if?” column about that now. Just curious.

Wolff: Gentlemen, Epstein asks a simpler question than all this. Was there prior relationship btw @ggreenwald and Snowden? Did they cooperate?

Jarvis: @MichaelWolffNYC Have you watched the video I quoted? It’s in there. @ggreenwald

Greenwald: @MichaelWolffNYC Half of that WSJ op-ed is false, and I’ve answered your baseless question multiple times. Use this thing called “Google”

The Wall Street Journal isn't the only publication getting their facts wrong

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