Readers of The Nation online are used to hearing about Wal-Mart. In fact, it tends to be one of those subjects that we can’t do enough on. We’ve been strongly supportive of efforts to pressure the world’s wealthiest company to raise wages and alter business practices that are significantly increasing low-wage dead-end, benefit-less jobs. We’ve organized a public debate, shown on CSPAN and streamed on the web, against The Economist magazine about Wal-Mart. We’ve even started a regular Nation web feature called Wal-Mart Nation by Liza Featherstone.

So we’re very excited about the potential of Robert Greenwald’s new documentary, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, to pump up the volume on what’s wrong with the retail giant and why.

The film looks to be a powerful, emotional and entertaining way to help trigger change in the way the company conducts business in the US and across the globe. The only way the film can have an impact, though, is if lots of people help spread the word. The best way is by hosting your own screening of the movie. Click here if you’re interested in learning more about the possibilities of staging an event yourself. (Just pick a day that is likely to be most convenient. You won’t be bound to it! Don’t worry about the details yet–Greenwald’s office will be in touch with you as November draws closer.) And click here to check out the film trailer.

There are three other ways you can help:

Not sure you want to host an event? No problem. But reserve your spot at a screening, and make sure you’re given first priority at getting into one near you this November. Click here to RSVP.

Always wanted to get into showbiz? Here’s your chance! Sign up to be a Field Producer for the Wal-Mart movie. FP’s do a variety of things. Click here for info.

The last way to help is simply by emailing this post to your friends, family, co-workers…anyone who you know who might want to be part of this exciting grassroots network dedicated to exposing the truth about Wal-Mart’s causes and effects.

With your support, we can help give the movie a citizens’ premiere that will blow the lid off traditional film distribution, and fuel the national debate raging about the high cost of Wal-Mart’s “low prices.”

Bonus Link: Another new anti-Wal-Mart action is being launched by American Rights at Work. The group’s new website spotlights the retail giant’s unfair practices in the workplace while also providing a platform for activists to communicate and coordinate their opposition to the company’s anti-union behavior. There’s also a nationwide petition to which you can add your name.

Finally, click here to peruse a comprehensive collection of “Wal-Mart Watchdogs and Activists.”