As the President and Congress are currently reviewing US war policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan, now is the time to apply as much popular pressure as possible against escalation. There are a range of ways for you to register your protest.

Venerable progressive stalwart Joanne Landy wrote in to ask Nation readers to sign the Campaign for Peace and Democracy’s emergency statement calling for an end to military intervention in the region. Read the text of the statement, and if you agree with the sentiments expressed add your name to the call. CPD’s goal is to collect a large number of signatures very quickly, and then publish the statement and list of signers as widely as possible, both in this country and internationally.

It’s a strong, comprehensive statement which I was proud to sign, and it addresses the valid question asked by many critics of de-escalation, who argue that withdrawal equals an abandonment of the Afghan people.

“Withdrawal should not mean that the US abandons any effort to help the people of Afghanistan and neighboring states. Washington ought to lend political support to regional negotiations and to a broader settlement of the disputes between India and Pakistan, which continue to stoke the violence in Afghanistan. Above all, the U.S. should provide large-scale humanitarian aid to the desperately poor Afghan population — which, aid agencies note, is hindered by being intermingled with military operations.”

Click here to add your name, see the emerging list of signers, and/or make a tax-deductible donation to help publicize the statement.

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