A quick post to say that I’ll be on the year (and decade!) in review edition of GRIT TV with Laura Flanders on Wednesday at 12:30. The panel so far is me, Mark Green and Esther Armah of WBAI – we’ll be debating the biggest stories of 2009, and the biggest stories and best/worst media moments of the ’00s. GRIT TV with Laura Flanders can be viewed every Wednesday as a livestream here at TheNation.com. What that means is that if you go here at 12:30EST on Wednesday, you can watch the show on your web browser just like you were watching it on television. No software required, no downloads. Tomorrow’s program should be a great way to spend your lunch hour (or on the West Coast, your morning coffee.)

GRIT TV is one of several new multimedia features we’ve been integrating into TheNation.com that you may not (yet) have noticed. The program is a daily (Monday-Thursday) current events, public affairs and "take action" show, hosted by long-time Nation contributor and former RadioNation host Laura Flanders. It’s very sharp. You can find it here at TheNation.com two ways:

1) The livestream, here at TheNation.com on Wednesdays.
2) We run videos daily (linked from our homepage "media band," the grey box midway down the page) that are either short (2-5 minute) highlights or occasional full program segments. This is a segment from Monday about a fight Jobs with Justice is leading to win reforms for art museum security guards. Here is a great commentary on jobs that John Nichols did last week:

You can also see the program a number of other places. GRIT TV’s website has the full rundown of public television stations, cable television stations, satellite and dish stations and other online media where you can catch the program. There’s also a weekly "best of" radio edition that is the heir to RadioNation’s timeslot in many cities across thecountry.

GRIT TV is one of several vibrant new independent media ventures that are eschewing traditional boundaries and airing in a number of formats both new (live streams) and old (public television.) I hope you’ll watch the year in review on Wednesday, and give the videos and segments a chance throughout the year.