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President Obama today responds to WikiLeaks release: Nothing to see here, just move along.  But Rep. James McGovern explains why he opposes more Afghan war funding: We need to do "nation building" here at home.  Dem honcho Gov. Ed Rendell, in a surprise, says today Obama may face primary challenge in 2012 over Afghanistan.

Tomorrow on Democracy Now: A rare hour with WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange.

Glenn Beck says his August 28th "Restoring Honor" rally will be a "nonpolitical rally," even though guest speakers include Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent, and it is partially sponsored by the NRA.

Can’t stand without a base: If Dems want to save their butts in November and 2012, they need to make their progressives happy.

Michael Tomasky: Florida church will burn Koran on 9/11.

The Secret Service tells Salon  that it protects "significantly fewer" Obama officials than it did Bush Administration officials.


WikiLeaks release will make it harder for Obama to keep selling the war ….  After the bluster, Mike Isikoff reports that Pentagon now believes WikiLeaks docs have not endangered troops or national security… Dan Kennedy:  Why Assange turned to the print media.  

Fun MoveOn video cherry picks footage to show Breitbart backing terrorists. 

Roger Cohen of  NYT on now-forgotten (by media) killing of U.S. citizen in Israeli flotilla raid.

Roland Hedley of Fox News — via Doonesburynow spying on Joe McGinnis up at Sarah Palin’s place in Alaska.

Jon Stewart returns from vacation with segment on Sherrod case–and with new goatee…. Colbert also back on Sherrod….. Andy Borowitz:  "Russia Disbands Spy Agency; Will Use WikiLeaks Instead." 

David Brooks will wish he never pushed the "send" button on this column–where he imagines putting on his old "magic green jacket" he wore as a young man and turning into a Democrat again. 

ELLSBERG AND AFTERMATH  Dan Ellsberg in WSJ:  Says he’s been waiting 40 years for something like this WikiLeaks release.  But he also argues it’s "dangerous" to release this many docs if have not read them all, as he had done with Pentagon Papers….  David Carr piece on WikiLeaks and what it means for media ("a new kind of alliance") also quotes Ellsberg, this time saying the Pentagon Papers didn’t change a single vote in Congress against the Vietnam war–it was "public opinion."  …. ProPublica talks to Neil Sheehan, who helped break the Pentagon Papers story at the NYT:  He calls WikiLeaks docs "valuables" and compares to the Ellsberg.

TWEET NOTHINGS  Stephen Colbert tweets:  "Shirley Sherrod should get on twitter. There’s no context to be taken out of."  Meanwhile, a new Annenberg survey finds that exactly zero percent would much of anything to use Twitter–more fallout from how it’s hard to get people to pay for what they have gotten free for a long time.

MORE WIKILEAKS FALLOUT  Rick Rowley, just back from Afghan, on Maddow refuted charge that little new in WikiLeaks docs–actually, things worse than ever …  David Corn critiques those who says "nothing new" in docs — actually they show "ground truth."  Editors at NYT who decided to publish docs now taking Qs from readers…. The crowdscourcing begins:  techPresident ….  The Guardian:  A game-changer for British politics?

DRAPER DRAWN  WSJ  provides one of its classic little line drawings, or "hedcuts," for Don Draper, even though they didn’t arrive at paper until 1979.

BIZARRE WAR STORY OF THE DAY  Front-page NYT: “Members of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia have been holding up blood banks and hospitals at gunpoint, stealing blood for their wounded fighters rather than risk having them arrested at medical facilities.”

STONED AGAIN  Oliver Stone apologizes for comments about Jews and Holocaust that got him in hot water today. 

STONED AGAIN (2)  U.S. soldier films Afghan police patrol getting stoned before going to battle with them. 

BYTES & PIECES:   Joe Conason on the stunning hypocrisy of Journolist’s critics…. McClatchy’s great  Carol Rosenberg on how hard it is being a reporter covering Gitmo….. PEW Center study: Black issues get little media attention during Obama’s first year…. Tony Heyward out at BP with more than million bucks in goodbye–will he donate to Gulf? 


Well, if Breitbart can do it, why can’t BP edit stuff to make it seem the opposite of what someone meant?  



One of the musical events of the year in London: The great Paul Lewis playing all of Beethoven’s piano concertos at the Proms.  Here he is a few days ago with the astounding opening half of movement one, Piano Concerto No. 4.  Part II here.