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Bombing in Kabul that killed 5 Americans today took us to grim milestone: 1000 U.S. military dead in Afghanistan.  Took us 5 years to reach 500 but only 2 years for the latest 500.  Will media give this anywhere near the play it devoted to 1000th killed in Iraq?  Commemorative plea and video here.

Can’t Make This Up Dept.  Family values Rep. Souder who is quitting after affair with aide (see links below) shot "abstinence" video with her…. Too many jokes to keep up with.  This from Lizz Winstead: "Some people make sex tape w/mistress. Souder makes abstinence tape. Now that’s kinky!" ….Vanity Fair blogger:  Souder lectured my dad on sex…. Wash Post has interactive page on recent sex scandals.

Meanwhile, Richard Blumenthal, Democratic candidate to succeed Chirs Dodd in CT, at press conference says "I regret" having "misspoken" on his Vietnam service but refuses to apologize and says NYT gave misleading account….Why Blumenthal will survive …..GOP candidate in CT who claimed to have fed the  scoop to NYT now has scrubbed bragging about that from her campaign web site.

 Mark Potter swallows fly live on NBC — Today shows it in super slow-mo.

Dan Rather with major HDnet report on high-toned Portland as "Pornland," with child prostitution problem.  Here’s video and his blog post.

Polls close tonite in PA at 8 and AK at 8:30.  Plenty of good places to follow results, but TPM always among best. Check by Twitter feed @MediaFixBlog also.

Robert Redford cuts new ad urging Obama to show leadership on energy reform. ….Ace bloggers Glenn Greenwald and Matt Yglesias having big debate on how much to blame Obama for retreat on some civil liberaties and other subjects….Fun from Michael Kinsley:  Kagan represents more Americans than Scalia with his 9 kids.

Lou Dobbs to headline Tea Party convention. …Glenn Beck’s ratings plunge to half January peak…Rep. Anthony Weiner goes after Beck’s gold hyping.

My new piece on how HBO series "The Pacific" handled the atomic bombing of Japan in its closing.


Breaking:  "family values" GOP Rep. Mark Souder from Indiana to quit due to affair with female staffer. TPM has video of him preaching abstinence and the evils of condom distribution. Steve Benen attempts a list of other family value guys who’ve lost value.

Dodd man out? NYT probe exposes frontrunner Blumenthal in Connecticut race in U.S. Senate has lied about service in Vietnam.  A GOP opponent claims to have fed NYT story.  Nate Silver declares Dems need new candiidate.  Josh Marshall of TPM says he may not be doomed.  Blumenthal campaign manager calls story full of "lies" and promises press conference today. 

Don’t miss: great Huff Post mashup video of 2010 campaigns so far, from "demon sheep" to the Chicken Lady:


Primary day across USA, with key races as candidates challenge incumbents from left and right.  Wash Post preview NYT here.  Politico, of course.

Suicide bomber hits U.S. convoy in Kabul, at least 10 dead, many injured….From The Hill: Democrats may pass Afghan war funding bill—without any GOP support. 

EBERT: THUMBS DOWN ON BRIT HUME   Tar balls wash up on Key West beaches, from oil leak? …Pro Publica: Whistleblower sues to stop another BP operation…..Roger Ebert tweets response to Brit Hume asking "Where’s the oil?" in mocking danger of Gulf leak: "Where’s your brain?"  Watch Brit:

 TV TONIGHT PBS Frontline tonight  with important report on Army guy who survived Iraq—only to be killed by three of his buddies back home….NYT reviews Tuesday CNBC show on Obese America—finds it useful but flawed. Speaking of which, review written by Alessandra Stanley.

IRAQIS PLAY HARDBALL:  McClatchy’s Nancy Youssef: Iraqi national baseball team gets first look at American baseball in visit to U.S.   Also: They attend their first prom.

ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING: Elvis Costello cancels gigs in Israel in protest…..Here’s update on the banning of Noam Chomsky in Israel and how he’ll respond.

GWEN vs. JAY:  Gwen Ifill responds to Jay Rosen’s call to shut down her PBS "Washington Week" show, calling him "self-appointed media critic." 

THAT OTHER VOLCANO Mount St. Helens exploded 30 years ago, and Boston Globe as usual has tremendous photo gallery.

DON’T CLICK ON THIS IF YOU’RE DRIVING  Cool idea catching on as "thumbs socks" being distributed for free to texting-while-driving addicts, with cool campus guy Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) from NBC’s Community out front.  See PSA:


 THE OTHER RED IN RUSSIA  How Russian journalists often pay, with their blood, for writing about graft and corruption…. There may not be much change at all in Brit foreign policy under Tories, reports New Yorker‘s estimable Steve Coll.  

GITMO OR LESS On the Media public radio show has interview with Carol Rosenberg, longtime McClatchy ace, one of "banned" Gitmo reporters.

HEZBOLLAH BABE?:   McClatchy updates hysterical rightwing attack on first Arab-American to get exalted MIss USA post. 

BACHMAN A REAL CHARACTER (140)  Andrew Romano reflects on his profile of Rep. Michelle Bachmann—written entirely in "tweets."

BETWEEN IRAQ AND HARD PLACE  My new piece here on how it took years (and years) for mainstream media figures to come out for U.S. pullout in Iraq—but today marks 6th anniversary of the first leading MSM journo to speak out.

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To celebrate its fifth anniversary, YouTube asked Conan O’Brien to pick his five favorite videos.  Here’s an unlikely but fun choice, PInky the Cat.  No, he does not play piano.