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The Guardian: US veteran who killed and then "desecrated" two unarmed Iraqis wins Tea Party support in North Carolina race for the House.

Andrew Sullivan claims historians nearing "consensus" that we’ve already had a "gay president"—namely, Abe Lincoln… Colbert mocks GOP candidates for comparing gays to alcoholics, short people.

Ex-WaPo correspondent in Iraq, Ellen Knickmeyer, with terrific angry report on WikiLeaks… Julian Assange on Democracy Now! today… Most of media: Releasing WikiLeaks docs far worse than releasing captives to people you know will torture them… Juan Williams on Fox slams Wikileaks—says "nothing" in docs show any US person behaving badly at all. And Fox says WikiLeaks organizers should be declared ‘enemy combatants."  

Maddow special last night on The Assassination of Dr. TillerVideo of our own Jeremy Scahill on Countdown live from Kabul, Afghanistan… Sean Penn with Anderson Cooper on cholera outbreak in Haiti.

MoveOn supporter brutally stomped by Rand Paul backer last night. No arrests yet.

Just out: Vanity Fair profile of John Boehner by Todd Purdum: "The Audacity of Nope." Profile of Robert Gibbs coming at GQ site later today.

CREATURE FEATURE Need a last-minute Halloween mask? Here’s a site where you can download and print Christine O’Donnell, Palin, Beck, the burning-the-Koran preacher. 

WELLSTONE & FBI The late Sen. Paul Wellstone’s FBI file: A Vietnam protest arrest, death threats, and the plane crash. 

A BULGE TOO FAR Andy Borowitz: "None of Brett Favre’s problems would be happening if his penis knew when to retire."

WIN ONE FOR THE GIPPER? A surprise from Pew: Enthusiasm for Obama Reelection Bid Greater Than for Reagan in 1982.”

BUNCH O’ LOVE Will Bunch of Philly Daily News, Media Matters and fine Backlash book reviews my The Campaign of the Century with good links to today.

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL: Gender is not swaying women voters, despite the hype… Alan Grayson trails by seven points in FL-8… Study finds House candidates will spend over $1 billion on races this obscene year… A real "Aqua Buddha" on sale now for just $40. Buy one, send it to Rand Paul. And here’s report on Paul-Conway debate last night… David Brooks naturally says Dems deserve everything bad they get.

FOOL ME ONCE, FOOL ME TWICE? Who will get first leak from Bush memoir next week? Your guess? Maybe Judy Miller. The book, after all, is a likely WMD.


Those wacky Taiwan animation geeks turn their attention to Jon Stewart’s rally this weekend, with cameo by the Huff Post’s ride-a-bus plan.


One of the better uptempo Leonard Cohen covers, Concrete Blonde doing "Everybody Knows." And still "everybody know… the good guys lost." And "ole Black Joe is still pickin’ cotton / for your ribbons and bows."