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Mike Allen: "Taking lessons from the Clinton years, when a Republican Congress prompted more focus on executive authority, the Center for American Progress today is releasing a report, ‘Power of the President,; proposing 30 executive actions the president can take to advance progressive change in the areas of energy, the economy, health care, education, foreign policy, and national security.

Obama’s latest book out today…for his daughters, a picture book on 13 great Americans. First printing: half a million. Acquired before Obama took office.

Ted Koppel’s op-ed blast at cable news pundits was ripped last night  by two guys he hit, Keith Olbermann and Bill O’Reilly. Olbermann with strong "comment" pointing out that the two men most often hailed as heroes of "objective" TV journalism—Ed Murrow and Walter Cronkite—actually are most famous for when they took very strong stands. And Koppel himself came to fame via the bold birth of "Nightline" to cover the Iran hostage crisis. Here’s Jack Shafer’s take at Slate.

Jeffrey Goldberg on Colbert hit hard the new invasive TSA airport screening tactics, aka "Groping Grandma"…  Full-body digital x-ray machines to screen passengers at airports: Should be used 81 percent / Should not be 15 percent (CBS Poll)…. I believe it was William Burroughs who probably first said, "Don’t touch my junk." Or Charlie Parker.  Or Fred Sanford.  Or maybe an ancient Chinese boatman.

We can work it out: front-page NYT piece and no wonder, on iTunes finally offering The Beatles catalog…  Springsteen performs with The Roots tonite on Jimmy Fallon’s show…. 

HOW BAD DO YOU HAVE TO BE?  George W. Bush: One of greatest presidents 4 percent / Good 24 percent / Average 33 percent / Poor 40 percent (CNN/ORC Poll) 

SEND IN THE ENVOY  Roger Cohen likes the idea of Hillary Clinton as new chief point person trying to coax or hammer Israel into moving on peace in Middle East…. 

DEMOCRATS:  CUTS & RUN   Greg Sargent: Dems keeps telegraphing weakness on Bush tax cuts…..  Eugene Robinson: Defense Cuts—Why Not?

PIMPING A TEACHER THIS TIME   Think Progress: James O’Keefe’s video/audio smears teacher who jumped in front of van to save students, gets her suspended.

JON STEWART’S WAR CRIMES APOLOGY  As debate swirls over Jon Stewart’s comment (to Maddow) about not calling Bush a "war criminal," my new piece on when Jon himself made that charge against Truman—then apologized the next day.

RAZING McCAIN  Maddow ripped McCain wonderfully—and two hours later arrived a great Daily Show smackdown of the McCain flipflop on DADT: 

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HEY, BUSTER  A.O. Scott’s NYT video pick this week: Buster Keaton’s "The General"—truly great flick, but you need to see newer print with scenes in the right order.

BITS & PIECES   Not one, not two but three interactive calculators let you try to fix the federal budget… Ex-trooper pleads guilty—to misdemeanor—in 1965 Ala. civil rights slaying that inspired Selma marches….  Ombud urges NPR to release full report on Juan Williams’ firing. (She hears parts will be withheld.) 


Former presidents advise Obama that things may work out okay, from Funny or Die.



Speaking of The Beatles, here’s aashup for cover of The Beatles "Act Naturally" stars Palin, Bachmann, Rand Paul, that Nazi re-enactor guy


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