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Cave-in complete: Obama okays deal with GOP to prolong Bush tax cuts in exchange for jobless relief and cut in payroll tax.  NYT’s Peter Baker: "Bridge to Republicans Alienates Liberal Base."….. Sen. Bernie Sanders threatens to filibuster tax deal…. JIm McDermott calls it  "President’s Gettysburg."   Anthony Weiner: Punting on 3rd down.  Daily Beast here.   

Tim Egan at NYT says Obama needs a big change: "If he can’t change his personal nature, he can change the master narrative of his presidency. To do that, he needs a Big Idea. One of the mystifying paradoxes of Obama is how this gifted writer, this eloquent communicator, has not been able to come up with a simple, overarching governing frame. "

Bill Maher tweets:  "Seeing Palin kill that moose, a creature with a far higher IQ, inspired hate for her beyond what even I thought I was capable of."

Julian Assange arrested this morning in London on sex-related charges.  Release of cables will go on. Strong article by Assange in Australia newspaper—clearly calls WikiLeaks a "media" outfit—and he will release video later today. Follow my live blog all day.

Garry Trudeau on Colbert show.

"Bullying and Censorship" at the  Smithsonian.

Note: Once again, we’re submitting a more abbreviated Daybook today due to continuing "Blogging the WikiLeaks." Here is yesterday’s edition. Some of the late highlights from Monday: 

The Guardian:  Assange expected in court tomorrow—appeals to supporters to help make bond…. NYT updates legal moves against Assange and his threat to "automatically" release rest of cables and more if he is busted….  NYT blog wraps up threats to Assange’s son, lawyer’s response and the son’s blogging…. NYT with its daily late-afternoon Wiki report, today going from the Baltic and Russia to difficulty in halting arms flow in Middle East.  Final paragraph here clearly lays out sex charges against Assange as involving  condom mis-use. The Guardian with more details. 

FORE AND AFTER  The MSM is finally taking foreclosure miscreants seriously, says econ blogger Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism.  And check out this Reuters story on the mounting legal woes of foreclosure kingpin Lender Processing Services, which handles more than half the nation’s foreclosures.

DADT  NYT public editor says "no biggie" re: that false story about N. Korea shipping 19 missiles to Iran. 

NUTS TO YOU  A prairie Nutcracker: teaching dance in rural America. "Our goal is to help people live artfully." (h/t Barbara Bedway)

STARTING TOWARD NO NUKES   NYT op-ed calls for "Bombs Away" concluding:  "President Obama shares the vision of Ronald Reagan that, in the end, eliminating our arsenals is the only lasting, effective and realistic solution to the nuclear dangers confronting the world today. Ratifying the New Start treaty is the first step on the path to reaching that goal."

GONE OR JUST FORGOTTEN?   Note for media writers: has my old mag E&P died in print? No new issue for over 2 months, editors canned, site prints press releases.


It’s beginning to look a LOL like Christmas.  

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 Tom Morello (co-sponsor of Nation Institute bash last night)   picks 15 best protest songsRolling Stone misspells "Woody."   Here’s his #4 favorite:

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