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Does the Big O have the Big Mo? Obama’s approval rating reaches 50% in Gallup daily tracking — first time since May… CBS poll: Given choice of how to cut deficits, 61% chose higher taxes for rich, 20% cutting military budgets, and only single digits for slicing Social Security or Medicare.

Huff Post today: "Elizabeth Warren, the Obama administration appointee now establishing a consumer financial protection agency, plans to name the wife of General David Petraeus — the top American general in Afghanistan — to a new position tasked with protecting military families from predatory lenders, according to sources familiar with the planning. Holly Petraeus, a longtime advocate for military families, is expected to be named to the senior post sometime later this week, according to the sources, who spoke on condition they not be named."

Mike Allen at Politico has links too numerous to mention on GOPers taking over, profile of Mitch McConnell in The Atlantic, Rep. Issa’s plans to cut regs for business, and much more.

Medill (Northwestern) student who took his own life may have been suffering from PTSD. Former Marine spent time in Iraq.

Yes, I’m still live-blogging WikiLeaks today, now in day 38. I guess someone’s gotta do it. And here’s yesterday’s edition. It’s something of an international sensation. But soemone tweeted yesterday, "Do u realize if CableGate releases flow at current rate, you’ll be doing this for 7 more years?"

Newsweek: 3 reasons why journalists aren’t standing up more for First Amendment and WikiLeaks." In the face of such an assault on press freedom, you might expect the American media to respond assertively. But the pushback has been piecemeal and somewhat muted…. Many in the foreign press have been more assertive in their defense of WikiLeaks."

A fun Vanity Fair piece provides a Bank of America "checklist" for WikiLeaks assault.

GRISLY MURDER Jack Wheeler, who helped drive for Vietnam war memorial, later advised Bush and the military, led current campaign for ROTC return to elite campuses, found murdered — in Delaware landfill. Not much speculation yet on why.

THE WHOLE SADDAM THING Peter Maass in The New Yorker: How the media inflated the topping of Saddam’s statue. And now a strong Glenn Greenwald slam at NYT‘s John Burns over his quotes in the article.

WAR WEARY New CNN poll finds a jump to 63% as number opposing our war in Afghanistan. A few months ago it was evenly divided.

SORKIN’s BASH Andrew Sorkin toasts and roasts guests at his annual Wall Street / big business New Year’s dinner. What? Assange seated next to BOA chief? BOA guy better keep an eye on his blackberry.

A NUKE INVITE Iran invites Russia, China, European Union and its allies among Arab world to tour its nuclear sites:


The Daily Show returned last night with good segment on Obama as media-ordained "comeback kid." Stewart quipped that the media is quick to call a political figure "dead" when he is merely "taking a nap" — so when he awakes they call it "a miracle."

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My new piece here on upcoming Phil Ochs film, with trailer and music clips. And below, rare video of the eternal Marianne Faithfull, circa 1965, still sweet-voiceld, doing Phil’s "There But For Fortune."