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Scary: North Korea fires into South Korea, killing two, and South Koreans return fire—or so the story goes right now.  Actually, it involved an island in a disputed area.  The official North Korean news agency said in a statement that the South had started the fight when it “recklessly fired into our sea area.” The two countries technically remain at war since 1953 ceasefire.  

WikiLeaks on its Twitter feed said its next document dump would be seven times the size of its recent Iraq purge. Subject not known, though rumors have proposed something to do with Russia, or, get this, 9/11

Taliban leader in high-level peace talks was a fake, fooled everyone. Ended up with a lot of dough, too. Or is that, Doh!

David Brock of Media Matters gets $4 million in pledges to set up liberal counterweight to GOPers on airwaves, called American Bridge—Kathleen Kennedy Townsend to head.

New radiation threats in the dentist chair, NYT finds, kids most imperiled.   Bigger threat than TSA screeners?

You may disagree with some of this, but lengthy and interesting analysis by Andrew Tyndall of Stewart & Maddow,  Ted Koppel & Jay Rosen,  FNC & MSNBC.

Amid debt crisis, Irish government collapses.

OUT OF JOB  "Exhausted" Obama defender Velma Hart, who famously challenged president on live TV forum, loses job

FORECLOSURE FOLLIES At New Deal 2.0, volunteer attorney Thomas Cox explains why a bank  chooses to lose money by foreclosing, and risk ruination of  communities nationwide. "Two Cords of Wood: An Intimate Look at  Unnecessary Foreclosure."  Some financial experts call the  centralized, mechanized approach to lending that eliminates case-by-case assessment, the "Stailnization of Finance." (Barbara Bedway)

FOXY LADY   You’ve seen the GQ photos, now read the Megyn Kelly Q & A: She claims Fox News news decisions  are "not political," hates being called a feminist, claims Sean Hannity would delight even liberals at parties, says Bill O’Reilly is shy and "looks out for young women, " and more mind-numbing stuff.  

GIVING THEM THE BUSINESS  Obama White House launches much-awaited, or dreaded, new approach to suck up to big business. … Meanwhile, the Axelrod out and Plouffe in transition taking shape

WORD PLAY  The Wash Post came up with a list of words that are made up but actually sound quite valid.  For example, "Ignoranus" for a person who is both stupid and an ass.  More fun words (try to figure them out): inoculatte, foreploy, sarchasm, cashtration, glibido. 

GIMME SOME TRUTH  My piece on John Lennon in New York film on PBS last night,  w/ my own 1970s contact with John and a video excerpt: 

BUSH LIES  Dan Froomkin explodes: "The Two Most Essential, Abhorrent, Intolerable Lies Of George W. Bush’s Memoir." … George Packer reviews W.’s memoir: "The steady drip of … elisions and falsifications.".

HITTING HOMER  Bill O’Reilly fires back at great Simpsons swipe at parent company’s Fox News ("We’re not Racist, We’re Number One With Racists").

A GOOD KOS  Swell review of my book "The Campaign of the Century" from longtime Daily Kos ace Susan Gardner today.

BITS & PIECES  Bob Herbert asks us to recall the idealism of JFK, elected 50 years ago htis month (which few have noted)…. Waiting for someone to call the TSA patdowns the "Grope-a-Dope." ….  As I predicted, report finds that many polls off this year because cell phone usage skews Democrat and surveys undercount them…. NYT and Wash Post use same front-page photo…  How Twitter has ruined journalism–really? 

GIVING YOU A SIGN  Okay, fans, you are hereby invited to take part in fundraising auction for The Nation featuring whatta deal on autographed copies of not one, not two, but FIVE of my books, here.


The Sarah Palin On Camera Turkey Slaughter, from two years ago, as reported that day on Countdown.  It never gets old (except for maybe the turkeys).




Great upcoming film by veteran filmmaker, and my friend, Kerry Candaele on Beethoven’s NInth symphony, Following the Ninth,  has just gotten the funded needed to complete in next spring.  Here is the excellent trailer:


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