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Gallup weekly  poll shows generic GOP candidate beating generic Dem by 10 points 51-41% — largest such gap ever. for a midterm election.  Could be somewhat misleading due to huge GOP edge in South.

Anthony Shadid with great, lengthy piece on Iraqis searching for answers on dead loved ones, including a five-year search that leads to one spot: "The horror of this war is its numbers, frozen in the portraits at the morgue."

As Obama readies nationally televised speech tonight on Iraq, Eugene Robinson points out we didn’t really win there, amid "fog of ambiguity"….  Bob Herbert:  Yes, support the troops — bring them home.  "We keep shipping other people’s children off to combat as if they were some sort of commodity, like coal or wheat, with no real regard for the terrible price so many have to pay, physically and psychologically."   Four more American troops killed in a roadside blast in Afghanistan.

MIchael O’Hanlon of Brookings, who helped get us into Iraq, now complains in op-ed we are "leaving" too soon and questions Obama speech and policy.

My new piece here re-visiting this day five years ago when my blog carried chilling news from New Orleans, with one newspaper site a life line for some. 

Newsweek poll finds 24% think Obama is a Muslim — Pew had it at 18% and previous high was 12%. Stupidity surging?   Most GOPers claim Obama favors Muslims over Christians.

HITCH ON OPPRESSED WHITE FOLKS   Fine Hitchens piece on the "Waterworld" Beck rally, noting the odd complaints from white crowd and speakers about super-popular issues (Jesus and soldiers),  raising the question of what they are really unhappy about? Could it be, ahem, race? …

A BUNCH OF BECK  Will Bunch:  It took Beck just 55 hours to start cashing in on rally…. Here’s Beck’s new "Blaze" site.  He notes: "There comes a time when you have to stop complaining and do something. And so we decided to hire some actual journalists to launch a new website."…. One item up there:  Huff Post pulled someone’s promise of $100,000 for Beck sex tape or something else that would destroy him.  Plus not one but two ads for new Dick Armey book.

BECK’s BIER?    Meanwhile, St. Louis Cards now have lost three straight to weak teams since manager LaRussa and star Pujols appeared at Beck rally.  Cursed?

BIG TRAIN   To attract recruits, U.S. Army had to severely lower standards for recruits, and now has to change training rules because of the influx of the  overweight and unfit.   And of course, they’re also allowing in a lot more mentally and criminally challenged.

MY PHOTO OF THE DAY  End of the summer, Wash Sq Park, NYC.

BITS & PIECES    Yves Smith:  Sorkin’s story on bankers’ splitting with Obama "misses the dead bodies"…..   Amazing, if you feed a bedbug HIV, guess who dies? The virus….   Andy Borowitz: "When a CNN anchor says he’s on Twitter, that just reminds viewers that they’d rather be on Twitter than watching CNN."  ….Another morning chuckle:  John Bolton not ruling out race for White House in 2012.


Tim Robbins’  fun but biting Bob Roberts film from early 1990s anticipated so much to come in media, politics, and Wall Street, and here’s a clip of Tim / Bob as a kind of yuppie Glenn Beck. 



Continuing our Bob Roberts tribute, here’s Tim’s prescient takeoff on the famous Dylan video.