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Since the WikiLeaks saga, new poll says public support for the Afghan war and Obama’s handling of the conflict has hit an all-time low.

David Corn: GOP congressman hits Palin, also tells of meeting Tea Partiers who floor him by peddling wacko anti-Semitic banking conspiracy.…Oops! Senate candidate Sharron Angle accidentally told the truth about why she talks to Fox News and other right-wing press: "We wanted them to ask the questions we want to answer so that they report the news the way we want it to be reported…"

"Each tooth has a story":   At the 11th annual open-air health clinic in Wise, Va., a total of 2,643 teeth were extracted. The free clinic is put on by Remote Area Medical, which specializes in "getting care to isolated, impoverished and ravaged places."

Gina, a German shepherd, served in Iraq as a highly trained bomb-sniffing dog with the military. After she returned home to Colorado, a military veterinarian diagnosed her with post-traumatic stress disorder – "a condition that some experts say can afflict dogs just like it does humans."


Major Michael Luo piece for NYT on growing numbers, and desperation, of the "99ers" — those who have lost their unemployment benefits after 99 weeks….  Tim Geithner op-ed: "Welcome to the recovery." Will be news to many. He argues: "uncertainty is understandable, but a review of recent data on the American economy shows that we are on a path back to growth." 

See my new piece, with Robert Jay Lifton, on how President Truman re-edited the first Hollywood movie about use of the atomic bomb against Hiroshima 65 years ago this week.

Amy Davidson in new New Yorker disputes WikiLeaks leak as nothing big — actually it should spark us to consider exit. … Fascinating: Has Wikileaks just uploaded key encrypted file just in case Julian Assange gets busted (or nuked)?… Eva Rodriguez hits Wash Post colleague Marc Thiessen for extremist call to use military to deal with Assange (maybe a drone attack?) … Glenn Greenwald on something called Project Vigilant and the Bradley Manning / WikiLeaks case. Too hard to summarize, just go read it.

Jon Stewart covers the coverage of Chelsea Clinton "Wedding of the Century."

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Assange and our own Jeremy Scahill on Democracy Now today.

McSweeney’s: Freud takes a meeting on "Mad Men." Sometimes a pencil is just a pencil?

AFGHAN EXIT?  Bob Herbert with another tough column on soldier suicides –and for pullout in Afghan. "The wars have been conducted as if their leaders had been reading from a lunatic’s manual" and with "trillions squandered." …. Maddow chatted last night with Andrew Bacevich about his new war / antiwar book… Boston Globe: Is U.S. wrongly using U.S. troops for drug trials? 

NEWSWEEK AMPLIFIED  The Harman purchase of Newsweek  happens. He is hubby of Rep. Jane Harman. Jon Meacham out as editor. Harry Shearer tweets on the Harman-Kardon billionaire buying Newsweek: "Prediction: he’ll have great low end and crystal-clear midrange."  Andy Borowitz: "Some guy just bought Newsweek for $1. Weird, because you can read it for free at the dentist."

ANATOMY LESSON  Ruth Marcus at Wash Post asks why top GOP female politician and chief "Mama Grizzly" Sarah Palin, in her crack about Obama’s alleged lack of "cojones," is equating boldness with testicles.  

COLBERT ON A CLIFF  Last night’s Colbert report was great from beginning to end, so here is link to the entire show. A special treat was an interview with Jimmy Cliff — the man who sparked the reggae craze in USA starting around 1973, paving the way for Bob Marley’s stardom here — closing with Jimmy doing his classic "Harder They Come" (below). The Colbert site also includes a bonus song from Cliff not aired on the show.  

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THE CITIZENSHIP  DEBATE  Josh Marshall at TPM hits Mitch McConnell’s choice to take seriously move against 14th Amendment and birthright citizenship.

YOU CAN CALL HIM AL  Fun Rep. Anthony Weiner / Al Pacino mash-up: You’re out of order, you’re out of order, the whole House is outta order: 

UNHEALTHY MOVE  Reuters: U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson refused to dismiss Virginia’s lawsuit to President Barack Obama’s landmark healthcare law. The judge is allowing the challenge–which argues that requiring residents to have health insurance is unconstitutional– to move forward.

BYTES & PIECES:  Thomas Frank dropping WSJ column for one with Harper’s. .. MoveOn targets Target, for exploiting Citizens United AND backing rightwinger in Minn. …. Another giant is gone: The man who invented Cheez Doodles. … Hollywood directors hit new craze, say 2D is enough.


At last, the first commercial for the new institution of hire learning, Glenn Beck University. Everything but footage of their football team, the Mad Dogs.




As I noted yesterday, I put off doing this until everyone was away for August, so here is Part II of my "Incompleat History of Rock ‘n Roll " video series, this time on Da Boss.