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Over 100 aid workers slain this year in Afghanistan, far more than other years, prompting humanitarian groups to wonder if new US strategy is the cause… Wash Post:  "If I had to choose sides, I’d choose the Taliban," Karzai fumed.

Great Daily Show segment hitting GOPers for refusing to aid 9/11 first responders—and showing clips from them hailing same folks in the past.

Richard Holbrooke dies at 69, with Wash Post revealing: "As he was sedated for surgery, his final words were to his Pakistani surgeon, according to family members: ‘You’ve got to stop this war in Afghanistan.’ A range of viewpoints in aftermath. Nick Kristof tweets: "Richard Holbrooke, diplomat extraordinaire and long-time friend, RIP. I learned so much from you." Here is Nick’s tribute. Bill Clinton: "Our nation is safer, and our world stronger, because of the work he did. I will miss my friend very much." 

Then there’s our own Jeremy Scahill: "Holbrooke backed Indonesian genocide in East Timor, killing of journos in Serbia and supported 2003 Iraq invasion…. Holbrooke was extremely close to journalist elites/cocktail crowd. They’ll lionize him non-stop w/o any critical analysis." Former UK ambassdor Carne Ross tweets: "Charmer and bully by turn, consummate diplomat, ‘To End a War’ one of best books on real live diplomacy." Tim Shorrock writes of his role re the South Korea uprising in 1979-1980. 

The Bush-appointed Virginia judge who ruled part of healthcare law unconstitutional is part-owner of GOP consulting firm—arguing case against healthcare law.

Once again, I am live-blogging WikiLeaks news and views all day, including Assange bail hearing.

MILLER TIME AGAIN  Last week, on Fox, Judy Miller—of all people!—criticized the facts in the current Doug Liman film on the Plame case, Fair Game. Now Liman has responded at CJR with a strong rebuke.  

FALLING OUT Fallout continues vs. Columbia dean/writer Nick Lemann’s claim in NYT that all you digital folks don’t believe we need journos… 

NO FRACKING WAY  Governor finally on board, NY State bans natural gas "fracking" for seven months.

DON’T CRY FOR  ME,  JOHNNY BOEHNER  A video history of new Weeper of the House John Boehner hammily crying.

READERS IN COURT Justice Scalia reads Supreme Court briefs on his iPad; Justice Kagan reads them on her Kindle.  We imagine Justice Clarence takes his with Tea.

IZZY FOR IT?  Our own Don Guttenplan on what  I.F. Stone might have thought of WikiLeaks.  You can probably guess.

WIKILEAKS  MONDAY   You can catch up on all of Monday’s WikiLeaks news & views here.  Some late highlights:  Assange’s mum in Australia passes along fresh quotes from prison on Monday, keep fighting he says, hits PayPal, Amazon, MasterCard…. Assange may win bail ruling tomorrow—but could remain held on appeal or via move by Swedes.  But a baroness has come to his side….Mike Calderone at Yahoo! with typically valuable and well-reported piece on new orgs and the Espionage Act—are they in danger and if not, why not?  With latest developments and commenary… Assange easily wins Time‘s reader poll for person of the year. Lady Gaga third, then Stewart and Colbert and Beck and so on. The mag’s actual pick coming Wednesday early.


Warners Brothers has decided not to fight to stop this viral video, released Monday, that parodies their upcoming Yogi Bear film. Note disclaimer at start of this.



To welcome in the holidays, John C. Reilly and WIll Farrell offer their version of the classic TV moment when David Bowie joined Bing Crosby for a duet on "Little Drummer Boy."   


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