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Support apparently builiding for START as Dems reject GOP amendments (caused by snit over DADT passing–go figure).  Greg Sargent with more.

As that bill to aid 9/11 responders is revived, NY Daily News editorial credits…Jon Stewart.  And, actually warranted.

Eric Holder this morning warns of the "threat within"– fairly large number of American willing to attack us here.  Not referring to Fox News.

Wash Post on public employees getting blamed for budget woes from coast to coast. ….AFSCME : One-sided "60 Minutes" state budget story falsely blamed public employees for the crisis caused by Wall St.

Yes, I was live-blogging all things WikiLeaks once again on Monday —for the 23rd day.   And now here’s the Tuesday edition.   One highlight or lowlight so far:    Cheeky BBC interviewer asks Assange if he is sexual "predator," which he denies.  Then asks him how many women he has slept with.  Assange answers, "A gentleman doesn’t count."   Once again, Assange hit the leak of detail of his case by Swedish prosecutors to The Guardian, as a way to "undermine" him.

DAVID & GOLIATH  Larry David in NYT op-ed thanks both Repubs and Dems for his generous tax-cut.  Can finally get rid of the rabbit ears and subscribe to cable and get flat-screen TV.

ALL-WHITE BARBOUR TPM: Haley Barbour spokesman denies charges of racism against him despite his statements backing the good old days of Citizen Council and segregation.

POOR EXECUTION   Death Penalty Information Center: 12% decrease in executions in 2010 compared to 2009 and a more than 50 percent drop compared to 1999.

WHAT’s LEFT FOR OBAMA?  Eugene Robinson on how the DADT repeal victory was the only way to halt criticism of Obama and Dems from the left–for awhile. ….  But some say stance on Net Neutrality will again anger the left.

BITS & PIECES   CNN partnering with Tea Party for presidential debate draws more criticism….. ProPublica:  Pentagon Health Plan Won’t Cover Brain-Damage Therapy For Troops….


Lot of sites naming this as one of the top political comedy videos of the year, from Funny or Die : A re-union of all the SNL presidential impersonators (plus Jim Carrey).