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Charlie Savage and Eric Schmitt  look at entrapment issues, after recent Oregon teen bomber sting case.

DADT survey report out at noon today, expected to find 70 percent feel lifting the ban no biggie.  Also expect it to be discredited by opponents even more release.

I was on Democracy Now! yesterday on WikiLeaks, with Dan Ellsberg, others.  Full show here. We won’t live-blog WIkiLeaks’ reaction and updates today,  as we did the past two days, but here’s some of latest:  

Glenn Greenwald with strong column hitting media coverage—and those who hope for assassination of Assange—and more. …. NYT editorial claims cables show "absence of skullduggery" by Obama diplomats….  Jack Shafer at Slate: Hillary Clinton must quit after these revelations … . Assange says next target will be a major US bank.   Sat for cover story with Forbes, no less.  See transcript.    "It‘s like the Enron emails." …   Oh, boo-hoo:  hawkish on national security Wash Post wonders why Wikileaks has frozen it out of its doc dumps.  Mike Calderone talks to the editor here.…  WikiLeaks did offer docs to WSJ—the paper declined. ….

David Brooks tweaks own paper for getting into bed with WikiLeaks…. Marc Ambinder with an excellent look at exactly HOW one man, presumably Bradley Manning, may have been able to leak so much on his own…..  NYT yesterday previewed cables on US "shopping" Gitmo prisoners around to other countries but just now comes out with full report…..NYT keeps covering for Hillary: see this piece—you’d never know she ordered UN and other embassy spying. 

The great Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell on who is really putting lives at risk….. Wikileaks gets the wacky Taiwan animation treatement.

Results of my fun poll to pick ’30 Media Heroes’: A few surprises.

Two more Iranian nuke scientists attacked on streets, one killed—are US or Israel behind it? 

HAITI CRIME?  Nick Kristof tweets this morning:  "Yes, Haiti elections were flawed, but that was always a given. Redoing them, as some suggest, wld be absurd."

FEDS FREEZE PAY  Republicans mad at Obama did not give them credit for that wonderful idea of freezing federal salaries for two years.

MOURNING PALIN  Joe Scarborough in Politico column:  GOPers need to take on Palin.  "The most-talked-about figure in the GOP is a reality show star who cannot be elected. And yet the same leaders who fret that Sarah Palin could devastate their party in 2012 are too scared to say in public what they all complain about in private. Enough. It’s time for the GOP to man up." 

EVER NOTICE?  Many of same people smashing Assange very happy to have Valerie Plame outed.

AFGHAN TRAGEDIES   Great account by NYT reporter who was with photographer Joao Silva in Afghan recently when a land mine shattered his legs.  Also, see the three pix he took after the blast….Eliot Spitzer’s  response to WikiLeaks on CNN last night: Afghan gov’t even more corrupt than we thought, we need to get out of "graveyard."…. Yesterday’s  incident of Afghan cop killing 6 NATO troops is 5 such episodes in past year. 

EXTRA INNINGS FOR WOLFF Great sports announcer, and man, Bob Wolff turns 90—I interviewed him (and son Rick) for my "Joy in Mudville" book. 


In honor of the millions of State Department cables suddenly coming up for air—you may have heard—how about Warren Zevon’s always relevant "The Envoy"?



Bunch of comedians, including Sarah Silverman and Kevin Nealon, have some fun with "We Are the World" to benefit local food bank. 



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