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Petraeus hearings start. Key: What is he saying about withdrawal and deadlines? In testimony he suggests he may relax the rules of engagement that McChrystal tightened to cut civilian deaths. Glenn Greenwald tweets: "It seems every day Petraeus finds a new way to water down the July, 2011withdrawal date even further." More that here. Indeed, under  questioning, Petraeus says neither he nor any officer he knows argued for deadline.

Noted strategic expert Henry Rollins discusses McChrystal exit, Rolling Stone story, closes with sage advice: Time to get out of Afghanistan…  If you’ve missed, today might be apt time to look at my Nation piece on Petraeus’s link to high-level suicide in Iraq.

Birther control: New CBS poll finds one in four Americans believe Obama born outside the USA, but NYT‘s Ross Douthat say, Aw, they don’t really mean that, nothing to see here. Also he takes heart from the fact that many of these people simply don’t know that Hawaii is one of our fifty states.

Glenn Greenwald, a prominent skeptic re: Elena Kagan, tweets after this morning:  "On the whole day, session made me mildly more positive about Kagan, though she really hasn’t been pressed on anything."

Andrew Breitbart puts a $100,000 bounty on archives for Ezra Klein’s (now closed) liberal list-serv, the one that got Dave Weigel in trouble.  

 Eric Boehlert blasts Peggy Noonan’s latest column and its "shameless" attempt to "rewrite history" about her cheerleading for Iraq war… Dana Goldstein in major piece at Daily Beast says administration, and Hillary Clinton, not doing enough about mass rape in Congo, despite money and effort…  Very oily protest of BP at the Tate in London, sparks debate.

The Onion:  Life Jackets Issued To All Americans For Some Reason


KAGAN & MARSHALL Follow the second day of the Kagan hearings via TPM’s constant wire. Reviewing yesterday’s attacks on Thurgood Marshall, Dana Milbank comments: "Republicans may still have time to make cases against Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Gandhi."

INEPT SPIES?  Not exactly the Hiss or Rosenberg case, but 11 arrested as Russian helpers (espionage not among charges yet) in cities and suburbs across USA, and one is an El Diario reporter.

WEIGEL RETURNS  Deposed Wash Post blogger Dave Weigel hired by MSNBC as contributor—for starters, on Olbermann last night. Meanwhile, The Nation‘s Ari Melber finds fault with Weigel’s explanation yesterday about what he did wrong leading to losing his Post post.

BATTLE OF HASTINGS  Yesterday it was Glenn Greenwald, today it’s Matt Taibbi going after Lara Logan of CBS and her attack, with few facts, on Rolling Stone’s  Michael Hastings. "I thought I’d seen everything when I read David Brooks saying out loud in a New York Times column that reporters should sit on damaging comments to save their sources from their own idiocy," Taibbi writes, but turns out, Logan tops that.

COLBERT TRUTH  Stephen Colbert to Rolling Stone‘s Hastings last night:  "What were YOU doing in Afghan hanging out with the soldiers anyway—and, by the way, what are our troops doing there?" Hastings defended story, of course, and denied being out to "get" McChrystal. Watch:

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DAY IN COURT  NYT editorial blasts Court rulling expanding gun owner rights. Court also says it won’t stop lawsuit against Vatican saying it transferred a priest despite repeated sexual abuse accusations.   

BYRD WATCHERS    Former Senate colleagues—from George McGovern to John Ashcroft—share memories of Robert Byrd in joint op-ed.

AFGHAN AWAY?  House Dems move to strip money from Afghans due to corruption… Nancy Pelosi to Huff Post promises there will be big drawdown of troops next July… Rachel Maddow will be hosting show from Kabul next week.

DUNDER HEAD?  Steve Carell says he’ll leave "The Office" after one more year. Show might go on with new boss. "I’m done here." "That’s what she said."

NO TEA IN THE DESERT  Sinking fast, tea partiers cancel big convention in Vegas—after discovering that, gee, it gets hot there and, what do ya know, there are midterm elections coming up… Meanwhile, GOP tea party fave who is opposing Harry Reid in Nevada is also running—from the cameras, so local TV stations trying new ways to reach her.

BITS & PIECES  FinReg now in deep trouble in Senate, good WSJ overview hereMarketwatch:  Deficit "hawks" need to consider the 3 biggest "inconvenient" myths about the economy… ProPublica  probe: Scandal of nurses in California still working after problems elsewhere… FIFA president apologizes to England, Mexico, for ref errors that led to World Cup eliminations, reopens debate on goalline technology.

NOT SO TWEET  Reuters’s Felix Salmon on the big error WSJ made in its Twitter feed yesteday on SCOTUS decision.


Rick Barber, GOP candidate for House in Alabama who we’ve met before, returns with another campaign video in which he summons a dead president—and likens Obamacare to slavery and the Holocaust. And that’s just for openers. 




Billy Bragg’s "Lonesome Death of Rachel Corrie," borrowing from Dylan’s "Hattie Carroll."