We all know that in the run up to the war in Iraq the media ran with the
Bush administration’s claim that Iraq possessed weapons of mass
destruction. Now the question of torture, and specifically the possible
use of torture to establish a link between Al Qaeda and Iraq, has been
drowned out by the Washington drama of what Nancy Pelosi knew and when.
In fact, none of the country’s five major newspapers has reported on an
item that appeared in the Daily Beast on May 13–that Vice President
Dick Cheney’s office “suggested waterboarding an Iraqi prisoner, a
former intelligence official for Saddam Hussein, who was suspected to
have knowledge of a Saddam-al Qaeda connection.” Leave that to the

Well, today, we have the best in the business when it comes to
deconstructing the mainstream media. Its lapses, omissions, and outright
distortions. Eric Boehlert of Media Matters and the author of Bloggers on the Bus, Katharine Zaleski Senior News editor at the Huffington Post,
and Mike Lux author of The Progressive Revolution and founder of Open
, on the media coverage of the past week, the blogosphere, and the
future of progressive media.

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