For many students, September is an exciting time—new friends, new teachers, new routes to school, new experiences. For others, it’s a dreadful month: the resumption of homework, routine, detention and cafeteria food. Laments about school have likely been sung by students for as long as there has been formal schooling. Wikipedia reports that examples of such literature can be found dating back to medieval England. Here, we’ve tried the highly dubious task of trying to highlight ten of the best such songs ever written. I’m not nearly as down on institutional learning as this playlist might suggest. It’s just that songs bemoaning school far outclass tunes celebrating it.

1) Pink Floyd, Another Brick in the Wall

2) The Kinks , Education

3) Bruno Mars, The Education Song

4) The Ramones, Rock and Roll High School

5) Belle & Sebastian, We Rule the School

6) The Replacements, Fuck School

7) The Smiths, The Headmaster Ritual

8) Chuck Berry, School Days

9) Pete Seeger, What Did You Learn in School Today?

10) Vampire Weekend, Campus